How to use camping kettle

Camping is one of the most popular recreational outdoor activities and is incomplete without proper equipment, so if you are planning to go out to enjoy camping you need to understand how certain tools and equipment works and how they could save your life in the wild.

There are many pieces of equipment you need to carry to your campsites like camping bags/tent, lantern, knife, water jugs, food storage, ropes, mess kits, and more.

But, one item that is very crucial in all is the camping kettle.

For one, it’s one of the easiest and best ways to boil water for safe drinking while you are camping. If you’re on a campsite without a freshwater spigot, which is most, then you need a water filter or a kettle to ensure you are drinking safe, potable water.

The other piece, which I’ve written about before here on Sit  Around the Campfire, is that my fiancee gets very cold at night! For that reason, she loves having tea at night to help warm her up. When camping, it’s the exact same thing where tea is part of the nightly routine. It’s also why a kettle is so important for her!

Let us dive deeper into the article and learn more about camping kettle, shall we?

Can you bring a kettle camping?

You can, and you should!

Freshwater is extremely important in camping as it will give you the energy to enjoy your trip. You need camping Kettle to boil water to filter all the germs. And, if you are a tea or coffee person or likes to drink lukewarm water, you can carry a camping kettle along with other camping essentials.

Camping kettles are durable and lightweight which means it is easy to carry and could be very functional in your camping trips. You can use it to boil water, make noodles, tea, and coffee, etc.

Reasons to use camping kettle

Now, that being said, there are many different types of camping kettle available in the market, let us see a few of them.


Choosing the best camping kettle

I wrote a whole piece about the best kettles for camping, but here are a few more thoughts you could find helpful!

After learning about the reasons for why you should carry a camping kettle with you, there may be a question in your mind on what material will work for you, right? Well, in this section we will cover that up for you.

1: If you are a camper who likes to carry lightweight gear, then aluminum built camping kettle will be the perfect choice for you. Aluminum camping kettles are lightweight and at the same time, they are available at cheap prices.

2: Second if you don’t like to cook food or boil in aluminum utensils, or you are just a wild camper and weight is not a big deal for you, we suggest you switch to titanium kettle. It is non-toxic, stable and does not affect the taste of the food.

3: Then comes stainless steel camping kettle, this one is for those who carry heavy gear and are looking for a basic yet strong utensil for camping. It is much heavier than titanium and aluminum.

4: Campers who simply go out for enjoyment and loves to show off with their equipment, folding kettle will be your best companion. Folding or collapsible camping kettle is light, easy to store and carry and has a stainless steel base which gives it an advantage.

These were some common types of camping kettle that you can carry along with you on any camping trip. So, now that you have chosen a suitable camping kettle for it is time to see how you are going to pack and use it.


How to pack a camping kettle with you

If you go with aluminum, titanium, steel or folding camping kettle, they are pretty much very easy to pack. You can get a separate kettle bag to store your precious and functional camping kettle in there.

As these camping kettles do not require assembly, they are much easier to pack than a kettle. This is because a kettle comes with separate components that have to be assembled in order to make use of it.

However, it is still easy to pack, here is how you can pack a kettle:

The kettles come with different accessories which can be packed neatly in order to carry it easily.

  1. Place the stove into the firebase.
  2. Next, put the cook set pot into the firebase.
  3. Put the camp cups inside one another & place them into the pot that you placed in the firebase.
  4. Cover it all up with cook set lid.
  5. Flip over the firebase.
  6. Now place the kettle over the inverted firebase.
  7. Take the kettle bag and put it inside.
  8. Any extra accessories could be stored in the same bag next to the camping kettle.

How to power a camping kettle

In order to power up the camping kettle there are various power sources available in the market which have their own abilities, let us quickly see them:

How to heat a kettle on the fire

Camping is definitely incomplete without neat and proper fire at the campsite. While many kettles work with a survival stove, other camping kettles may require a separate stove. However, if you like to go natural, you can use stones or make a DIY fire ring with metal or steel available onsite.

Once, you have got a sturdy stove you will need some tinder or kindling to build the fire. To fire up the campfire you will need a fire-starting gear.

Once the campfire is ready, put your stove over the fire and place the kettle onto the stove to let it heat and enjoy your warm water, noodle, tea, coffee, etc.


NOTE: Once the night is over, make sure to extinguish the fire.


The final word

Camping is a very exciting and the recreational outdoor activity you can enjoy with your family and friends. It helps you discover your potential and at the same time makes you remember how beautiful our planet is.

To take full advantage of the camping trips there are some essential items that you need to pack before leaving. Camping kettle happens to be one of those items and the reasons are mentioned above. Hope you have learned and enjoyed the information presented in this article. Good Luck!

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