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Do you love camping but also want to make sure you want your tea with you? Personally, I’m more of a coffee guy, but my fiancee absolutely loves to have tea in the morning. Because of her, I’ve started to learn more about different camping tea kettles. For that reason, I thought I’d share my thoughts with everyone on which tea kettles are the best and why I thought they were that.

For this post, I’ll highlight:

So, let’s get started!

Camping Tea Kettle Buying Guide

Before going any further, it’s important for us to stop and highlight what are the key characteristics of a great kettle built specifically for camping. There are a few areas where I think tea kettles are particularly important (any my fiancee agrees, especially because she’s the one who drinks the tea!)

On that note: I should mention that tea kettles aren’t just useful for making hot water for tea. As everyone knows, one of the best ways to purify water is to boil it. A tea kettle is actually a great way to boil a lot of water for you and your family to safely drink. I know of a few people who use kettles specifically for that reason.

The key features you should think about when buying a camping tea kettle are:

Now that we’ve looked at the features I think are most important for a camping kettle, it’s now time to look at the five best options out there on the market today.

The five best camping tea kettles of 2020


Our favorite option: the 1-  Bisgear Camping Tea Kettle

This camping tea kettle from Bisgear is the best option for people who want a good quality tea kettle at a good price. It is made of high-quality stainless steel that makes it very durable and long-lasting. Along with this, it comes with a high-grade exterior to prevent corrosion. With a nifty handle on top, it can easily sit on a camp stove or hung above a fire.

Bisgear 1.2L Stainless Steel Teakettles

with Bowl & Fork Outdoor Cooking Kettle with Lid for Outdoor Camping Hiking Backpacking

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The best thing about this tea kettle is that it is very lightweight and compact. You can easily store it in your backpack and take it wherever you want. It comes with two bowls and an additional mesh bag for easy carry and transport. It is built with BPA-free material and eco-friendly, it does not harm the environment in any way. You can use it for different purposes and it is also very easy to maintain. This camping tea kettle is specially made to fit dishwashers and you won’t have to put a lot of effort into cleaning it when you get back home from camping. It comes with a 100% safety and satisfaction guarantee, which means that only high-quality products are used in its making.

My favorite part about it is the size. Since it’s large and comes with two bowls, you can very easily use this kettle to make a soup or stew meal for two. For that reason, it’s easily one of my favorite pieces of equipment for any weekend camping trip.

Pros of Bisgear Camping Tea Kettle:

Cons of Bisgear Camping Tea Kettle:


Best home and camping Kettle: Chefbar Brushed Camping Tea Kettle

If you think this kettle looks like something you’d see at a coffee shop or in someone’s house, then you’re right. This Chefbar Brushed Camping Tea Kettle is one of the most popular tea kettles currently available in the market. The reason why is, although it’s built for use at home, I’ve actually found it’s more than rugged enough to also be able to be used at the campsite.

Chefbar Tea Kettles Stovetop

with Thermometer Gooseneck Kettle Pour Over Drip Coffee Kettle for Stove Top, Home, Camping and Restaurant, Brushed Stainless Steel, 40 oz (1.2L)

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For that reason, it’s a great option for someone looking for a kettle that can work both at home and camping!

Another great thing about this tea kettle is that it comes with an inbuilt thermometer that ensures perfect heating. Along with this, a gooseneck spout nozzle is also built that helps in controlling the hot water flow into your mug or tea. The gooseneck allows easy pouring and prevents your tea from spilling all over the place.

This camping tea kettle is made of high-quality 304 18/10 food-grade steel. It comes with anti-rusting capabilities and is BPA-free, which makes it durable and safer. It features a Bakelite handle that provides easy accessibility, you can easily lift the kettle even when it’s boiling. Apart from this, a self-cooling handle and slip-resistant grip are also given that prevents the kettle from slipping.

With all of these features, it’s an easy pick for both home and campsite usage. The big downside, however, is that it can’t be used effectively to boil water for everyone. It’s a touch small for that.

Pros of Chefbar Brushed Camping Tea Kettle:

Cons of Chefbar Brushed Camping Tea Kettle:


Best entry-level tea kettle: the Overmont Camping Tea Kettle

For all the people who want to give a tea kettle a try but aren’t sure if they want to make a big investment in this space, this Overmont Camping Tea Kettle is perfect. It offers a lot of features, works great for boiling water for tea and for safe water consumption, and does all of that reasonably well.

Our Pick
Overmont Camping Kettle

Camp Tea Kettle Camping Coffee Pot Aluminum 27/42 FL OZ Outdoor Hiking Kettle Camping Gear Portable Teapot Compact and Lightweight with Silicon Handle

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It is made of anodized aluminum and no other harmful chemicals are used, which makes it a safer option. It is designed to provide complete comfort and functionality. It features an ergonomic handle that is covered with insulated plastic. This keeps the handle cools and protects your hand from burning. The best thing about this camping tea kettle is that it provides fast heating. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a warm or cold area, it will be equally efficient.

It can be used anywhere and takes a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes to prepare your tea or coffee. This kettle comes with a carrying bag to make storage easy. You can put it in your backpack and take it anywhere you want without feeling any burden. However, even though it is pretty light, it is rather large and bulky. If you do put it in your backpack, then the odds are good you won’t be able to put anything else into your backpack.

Pros of Overmont Camping Tea Kettle:

Cons of Overmont Camping Tea Kettle:


Best Kettle for boiling water:  Docooler Lightweight Camping Tea Kettle

If you are looking to just boil water, then this tea kettle is your best bet. It comes with a 1.1L capacity, which means you can easily make tea for three persons. You can either use it as a camping pot or water kettle. With this tea kettle, you will get an additional bag for easy transport. It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and after receiving the product if you feel that this product is not up to your expectations, then you can easily return it and get your money back.

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However, if you’re looking to boil water, then I doubt you’re going to want to return it

This Docooler Lightweight Camping Tea Kettle is anodized aluminum, which means it is completely safe for usage and doesn’t harm the environment. It features an oxidation film coating that provides heat resistance and also sustains the kettle’s strength. As you know that nowadays many companies use chemicals to make their kettle shiny, which is not healthy for usage. This camping tea kettle is completely eco-friendly and doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Because it is large and made for boiling water, it is rather bulky. I’ll give Docooler credit in that the kettle is much lighter than you would expect it to be. However, the bulky-ness means it’s extremely large and not easy to add into any of your backpacks or packs.

Pros of Docooler Lightweight Camping Tea Kettle:


Cons of Docooler Lightweight Camping Tea Kettle:


Best high-end kettle: Poliviar Stone Finishing Camping Tea Kettle

This Poliviar Stone Finishing Camping Tea Kettle is one of the best-selling tea kettles. Simply put, it’s the Cadillac of tea kettles and can easily be used while camping and while home as well. The attractive design is pretty clear when you look at it, but where this kettle really shines is the heating capabilities.

Poliviar Tea Kettle, 2.7 Quart Natural Stone Finish

with Wood Pattern Handle Loud Whistle Food Grade Stainless Steel Teapot, Anti-Hot Handle and Anti-Rust, Suitable for All Heat Sources (JX2018-GR20)

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Your water boils almost instantly when you put this on the fire/camp stove, which is great for both tea drinkers and those looking to purify water. If you are looking to purify water, then this kettle actually works great because it heats up quickly and it is much bigger than it looks.

It is made of 18/8 stainless steel and specially designed to prevent corrosion. This tea kettle is FDA-approved and completely safe. It features a loud whistle so that you can hear it even if you are in a noisy place. It features a silicone coated handle that lets you hold the kettle without worrying about burns. This tea kettle comes with an 8-inch base that promotes even heat flow. It also comes with an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to store and carry. Poliviar provides a 1-year warranty and if you face any problems, then you can easily contact the customer support team.


Pros of Poliviar Stone Finishing Camping Tea Kettle:



Cons of Poliviar Stone Finishing Camping Tea Kettle:

I hope these different kettle reviews are helpful for you and highlight which option could be most interesting to you as you think about different kettle options!

Camping Kettles FAQ

Now that I’ve reviewed a few different kettles, it’s time to answer key questions you might have about these kettles.  There are a couple of questions I had when first looking at these kettles, so my hope is that my thoughts below can help answer questions you might have as well!

How do I power my electric tea kettle when camping?

This is a good question, but absolutely the most difficult one to answer.

If you really want to use an electric tea kettle when at the campsite, then you have a few options.

The first, and most difficult, is to bring a generator with you. This will give you a place to plug in the kettle. However, generators are often large/difficult to carry, and often extremely expensive. For that reason, many people prefer not to use a generator.

The other option is to find a campground that is wired for electricity. There are plenty of campgrounds out there that do have electricity, but they are often not wired to each individual site. For that reason, you might need to carry your kettle to wherever the electricity is wired to.

However, I’d recommend looking to buy a non-electric kettle for when you go camping. Not only is this more “rustic”, but it could allow you to more easily use a kettle at a campsite that doesn’t have electricity.

Can I use my tea kettle when camping?


The big things to keep in mind here are portability and durability.

On the portability side of things, you want to ensure that your kettle can be brought over to your campsite easily. You want something that is light, so as to not add a lot of weight. A tent is a requirement, a kettle is not. For that reason, your tent should obviously be much lighter.

Another thing to keep in mind with portability is the size of the kettle. If it’s a big, awkward shape, as most kettles are, it could be extremely difficult to fit into a backpack. In the end, it’s very possible it could take up the entirety of the backpack.

On the durability piece, you want to make sure your kettle isn’t going to break when it inevitably gets hit and banged around while camping. For that reason, you’re going to want to only bring your kettle if it is metal, or a similar material, to ensure that it doesn’t break.

How do I clean my kettle while camping?

Cleaning the kettle is difficult because most kettles go in the dishwasher and there isn’t a great way to put a kettle into a dishwasher when you are out on the campsite!

To clean your kettle, I’d recommend putting another batch of water in it and then boiling it all off. This strategy should help ensure that the kettle stays as clean as possible through purification by boiling.

Another option is to use purification tablets. These work pretty well to clean things, like kettles, out.

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How large should my camping tea kettle be?

It depends on if you are using it for tea or for water purification purposes.

If you are using it for water purification purposes, then you should want to have the biggest kettle you possibly could bring. That way, you can purify as much water as possible.

If you are using it solely to heat up water for coffee or tea, then you should index on getting a much smaller kettle. That way, the kettle will still get the job done but won’t be too heavy to carry.

Let me know what you think down in the comments and let me know if you have any additional questions I can answer!

Happy Camping!


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