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Camping mugs are one of the most versatile and multi-functional things that you can take along with you to your campsite. A camping mug is not just a cup, it’s much more than that. A mug in a remote campsite in the wilderness is how you sit back and relax with some coffee or tea in the morning or when watching the sunrise. It’s my personal favorite moment of the day when I’m camping and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How to choose a camping mug?

However, a mug shouldn’t just be how you drink your morning coffee. It could also be used to cook while camping. Even better, it  should be able to be used when you aren’t camping

When camping, you need a mug that is:

Finding the best camping mug can always be an overwhelming task and to make things easier for you here is a list of some of the best camping mugs in the market.

Best all-around performer: YETI Rambler Mug

Could there have been any other mug that we would have started with?

This multipurpose YETI mug can be perfect for camping and every other purpose. The 18/8 stainless steel body is easy to wash and clean wherever you are. The solid, smooth body of the mug makes it fit to stand any weather and prevents it from getting rusted. This mug stands out for its sturdy and durable body, so it can take a beating while out camping.

The double-wall vacuum insulated build of this mug keeps your drink piping hot in it for a long time. It keeps your liquids adequately cold right until the last drop. The thick gauge steel makes it resistant to any type of damage, dents, etc. And to top it up you have the cover lid that keeps the content of your mug secure even when you are on the move.




Best compact & lightweight mug: GSI Infinity Camping Mug

If you are looking for an easy mug to transport (maybe you are hiking long distances with only a backpack), this mug may be for you. The handle is entirely collapsible, which means you can just fold the handle and stash it in your bags. Moreover, due to this feature thus mug can also fit your car’s mug or cup holder. Its lightweight design means you won’t notice the mug in your backpack at all either.

The cozy cover provides this mug the perfect insulation that it needs to keep your drinks warm and nice. And not only warm but your cold beverages also remain cold till the last sip. To make it even better there is a slip-sip lid that can let you sip in your liquid and place the lid if you decide to keep the rest of it for later. The size of this mug fits perfectly in the mesh net of your backpack so that you can easily catch hold of it whenever you need it.





Best Multi-Use Camping Mug: The Stanley Camp Mug


If you are planning to escape all the monotony of your busy lives for a week-long camping or hiking adventure somewhere in the wilderness, this mug set can work just fine for you. The Stanley Camp Cook Set comes with a couple of insulated cups to serve as a coffee rendezvous for you and your partner.

But these mugs really shine in their multi-function purpose. These cups may also serve as a handy cook pot to enable you to cook small amounts of food. The lids are vented for facilitating cooking and heat reinforced to handle your camp stove. While you certainly won’t be able to cook a meal for your entire family, our experience is that you can cook enough for two people in these mugs

Of course, the best part about this product is the lifetime warranty that you get with this product. The two cups can store your hot and cold beverages while the stainless steel piece can cook some dinner for you. All the versatility and flexibility that you can think of in one.




The cleanest camping mug: MiiR Camping Mug

If you are one of those people who are extra conscious about their health and about the products and utensils you use, this cup is for you. This high-quality cup is made up of medical grade stainless steel that keeps your cold and hot beverages at their preferred temperatures for a long time. Maybe it’s marketing, maybe it’s not, but we’ve never seen this mug get as dirty after use as some of the other mugs on this list!

With this one, you can enjoy your favorite beverage right in the middle of a jungle or atop a freezing snow-clad mountain – you will get it the way you want wherever you carry it to. And when it comes to cleaning, these mugs are super easy to be cleaned. Just rinse them with some water from a stream and they are good to be reused. With a press-on lid, you can sip and keep your beverage stored in your camping mug until you need it again. Thus it allows you to enjoy your drinks even on the move.



Best Affordable option: the Coleman Camping Mugs

Coleman is one of the most renowned names involved in the manufacture of all kinds of outdoor gear and camping mugs is no exception as well. This mug is lightweight and can be easily stuffed inside your backpack. The mug packs about 12 ounces of liquid or food and that shall be enough for a quick snack if you are on a camp and need some quick refueling.

This mug keeps your hot beverages hot and keeps the cold ones nice and chilled and it is a great feeling to have your beverage to solve the purpose for which you are having it and with Coleman mugs that purpose is solved each time. To top things up, this mug is dishwasher safe and is pretty easy to clean even without a dishwasher. In fact, you can use this versatile mug to sip in your morning coffee or may just carry it with you to work to enjoy your drink on your office desk.

What it doesn’t have, however, is the insulating functionality that other ones on this list, like the Yeti. If you value price more than




FAQ Section:

Below please find an FAQ section to answer some of the most common questions we get regarding camping mugs and how best to use them.

What is a camping mug?

It’s a good question!

There is no specific definition to exactly describe what a camping mug is or isn’t. But, what we’ve found is that people still want to enjoy their coffee while they are camping. On top of that, many people want to drink or have a hot chocolate while they are out camping. For that reason, you do need some sort of mug.

However, most mugs are cheap and made of a breakable material. For that reason, it’s difficult to bring camping because it will easily break in your backpack. We know more than a few people who have tried to do this, only to find a broken mug in their pack once they arrive at the site.

For that reason, a good mug for camping is one that cannot break easily and can withstand the pounding it might get on the way to the site. That’s why all of our preferred mugs above cannot break.

What size camping mug should I buy?

This is a hotly debated question!

On one hand, people suggest buying the biggest mug possible so it can also function as a thermos.

On the other, many push for the smallest possible mug, since most are made of metal, to ensure that it doesn’t weigh too much in your backpack.

I think about it differently. I think about picking a mug that can also work in my day-to-day life. For me, that means picking the mug that can also fit in the cup holder of a car.

If that matters to you, my recommendation would be to take the biggest mug that can fit in your cupholder



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