Greenspark Fire Starters

Greenspark Fire Starters Review

With Fire Starters being an important part of any camping kit and a product that many people always bring with them while camping, I’ve been reviewing many of the top fire starters on the market. I (surprisingly!) loved Bear Grylls’ fire starter in my review, and had good things to say in the Survival Spark review as well.

But, those are metal strike fire starters and are a key part of any camping kit.

But what about the other types of fire starters? Specifically, what about the tinder and kindling used by us campers in tandem with a metal strike option?

These are often just as important because I need something flammable for the sparks from the metal strike to catch on.

So for this review, I’m going to write about one of my favorites: Greenspark.

GreenSpark fire starters are portable, safe, non-toxic, and all-natural bundles used to ignite fires in your fire pit, barbeque grill, wood stove or to start a campfire. They are environmentally friendly, made naturally using wood wool and stearin with no chemicals added.

When lit, the starter bundle will burn for 8-10 minutes, starting fires fast and efficiently. The 70-count package is generous and will last through multiple seasons. The packets are compact and lightweight making them easy to take along for all outdoor activities. They’re also very convenient for lighting the fireplace, pizza oven, and more around the house. That being said, I personally haven’t done that, but you absolutely could.

What I like

Where have these GreenSpark fire starter bundles been all my life? Seriously, they are the easiest, most convenient starters we’ve ever used, and I have tried several. What I love most about the GreenSpark bundles is how quickly they start our fire. Even  better, they  pass  the  always important “weight test.” A couple of these kept in a camping tinder box is extremely lightweight and not noticeable in a  backpack.

Instead of having to find kindling or newspaper or whatever to start the fire, I simply pull out a couple of GreenSpark bundles and they light the very first time, every single time. They are so easy to use.

I love that they’re environmentally friendly and they don’t leave soot in my fireplace like newspaper does. I find myself starting a fire in our fireplace at home just as easily when I normally wouldn’t have wanted to go to the hassle or work to do so. Of course,  these are built for camping and they do the job great as well while out in the woods.

I love to cook both at home and while camping so I use GreenSpark bundles in our pellet smoker, our charcoal grill, and our pizza oven. Another great benefit of these bundles compared to others that we’ve tried is there’s no weird smell or chemical taste to our food. (Plus, I don’t have to worry about having lighter fluid around the house with our small children.)

I live on a budget and these are very economical – a great value for the price. The fact that there are 70 in the box is great. I don’t have to worry about running out any time soon and they have a long shelf life and won’t expire before I use them up. While I don’t store them in the box that they arrive in, the bundles are very compact, and I can easily tuck them away. I keep some in the cabinet near the fireplace, some near the patio door – it’s easy to have them right where I need them.

Our neighbors have a pot belly wood stove and I suggested that they try GreenSpark bundles. They did and they rave about them too. They said that they are no longer frustrated with the multiple attempts it took them in the past to get their stove to light. I gifted a box to each of our parents and siblings during the holidays and they have all said that they work great and asked us where to buy them. We’re thinking about putting a fire pit in our back yard and I know that these would work great for summer fun with the kids having a hot dog roast and making smores.

What I don’t

When I first ordered the GreenSpark fire starters, I was hoping that I could use 1 per fire, but I found that it works better if I use 2 or 3 fire starters per fire. It’s really not a big deal as the box still lasts for a long time even when I use them for multiple things.

I’m not really a fan of the box that the fire starters arrive in. Again, it’s not a big deal. I split up the fire starters and store them where I use them anyway, I just make sure and put them in an air-tight container to keep them dry and out of the hands of our little ones and pets. I keep a couple in the trunk of each of our cars in a zipped freezer bag just in case I should have an emergency while on the road.

Who is this perfect for?

GreenSpark – Friendly Fire Starter Bundles

70 Count, 100% All-Natural, 8-10 Min. Burn, Fireplace, Campfire, Fire Pit, BBQ Grill, Wood & Pellet Stove, Indoor/Outdoor, All-Weather, Super Fast Lighting

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While this product is built for hikers and campers like us, it is also great for just about everyone.

I use it for so many things – to cook with, for the ambiance of a fire on a cold winter night, when I go camping, and when I spend the evening at the lake with friends. Thee neighbors use the little GreenSpark bundles to light the pizza oven, the charcoal grill, and the pellet smoker.

I keep a couple of bundles in our emergency kits in the trunk of our cars just in case. I keep a couple with his fishing gear and in my hunting bag just in case I’m stranded while fishing close to home. I also burn brush on our rural property and that the GreenSpark fire starter bundles make it so much easier to start the fire quickly.

And of course, I use them to start fires in our fireplace. I have gifted boxes to our parents and our brothers, and they use them too. If you are someone who enjoys a fire in your wood stove or fireplace at home, who goes camping or has a fire pit, the GreenSpark fire starter is for you. They are very easy to use, are environmentally friendly, and won’t add any smell or chemical to your home or your food.

Our final verdict

The GreenSpark fire starter is quick, easy-to-use, non-toxic, and economical. It lights quickly on the first try and burns for 8-10 minutes just as promised. While I do choose to use 2-3 bundles to start each fire, it is well worth the price to save the time and hassle of rounding up kindling or newspaper and attempting to light them multiple times to get the fire started.

As you can tell, I’m a big fan and use these as kindling whenever I use a metal strike fire starter.

See you at the campsite!

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