Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter

Overview of Survival Spark Magnesium Survival Fire Starter with Compass and Whistle

It’s one of the most popular fire starters on the market, which means it’s something I absolutely need to do a review on! For that reason, I gave the Survival Spark a test and wanted to provide my overall thoughts on it for you guys!

Before going any further, here’s a brief overview of what this firestarter is like.

This fire starter combines three essentials at one affordable price to make camping, hiking, or even a backyard fire easy and safe. The durable, high-quality fire starter will strike up to 15,000 times and includes a compass and whistle, all on a lanyard. The magnesium fire starter rod is 5.5”, making it long enough to use easily with the large scraper but compact enough to fit in survival kits or backpacks. It is windproof and weather-resistant and a valuable emergency tool for campers, hikers, and anybody who likes to be prepared. Not only is it easier to use than matches, especially in less than ideal weather conditions, it’s considerably more fun.

What I Like

At an entry-level price, this fire starter is a great bang for your buck. Once you scrape off the protective black coating, the magnesium rod and striker produce big sparks very easily. Use over top of some kindling, and you should be able to start a fire in no time. The fire starter is easier to use in the wind than matches and was able to start a fire faster. When you strike the magnesium rod, you get a lot of sparks each time.

While the starter is lightweight and portable, it is still big enough that it is easy to use. The magnesium rod is longer than most similarly priced fire starters, and the extended length allows for more room to create sparks. Any shorter and the fire starter can become a little awkward to use. The size is still nice for easy storage, and the lanyard gives you the option to secure it to your pants or bag.

I enjoyed the extra features on this fire starter. Most campers would spend a few bucks for an effective fire starter, but this has two additional features. The whistle is very loud when used properly, and I found the compass to be effective. (To be fair, I do recommend people use more purpose-built compasses. I wrote a whole article on the best compasses here.)

The fire starter is also durable and was dropped with no damage, which is important when camping and hiking. There’s a good chance this thing may get some abuse, and it needs to be able to stand up to it.

I also have to admit that pulling this out to start a fire feels more impressive and dare I say, rugged than your traditional lighter. It is fun to use and lets you feel like you’re roughing it and using survival skills. In a true emergency, this would be extremely useful to have. After all, lighters require fluid. Once the fluid is gone, the fire starter is useless.

Not only would you be able to easily start a fire in any weather,  unlike a magnifying glass, but the whistle is also loud enough to be heard from a distance, and the compass would help you get your bearings.

What I Don’t

Overall, I have few complaints about this one. To be fair though,  I had to get a little picky to come up with some.

The compass is a little on the small side and was slightly less effective when compared to a more expensive one. (I’m a stickler for compasses though, as regular readers know).

The lanyard is made of pretty cheap rope and replacing it with a better lanyard could be nice. The magnesium rod comes coated in a black protective layer and scraping this off can take a little time. It’s also worth mentioning that if you have never started a fire this way before, it may take a bit to get the hang of it, but that would be the case with any fire starter.

Who is This Perfect for?

This product is perfect for campers, hikers, or anybody that lights a fire from time to time, even for backyard parties. If you light fires, this will get the job done. You don’t need to be a survivalist or an avid camper to want to try this one out. Have some outdoor fun with your friends, your spouse, or your kids (watching safely from a distance, of course). Above all, if you have ever struggled to light a fire in front of your father-in-law, this fire starter is for you.

I also like this product for anybody that prefers to take extra safety measures. Keeping this tool in the trunk of your car or your backpack on a hike adds a little sense of security. If you want to know that if the apocalypse started while you were driving to work, you will have a fighting chance, this is a good place to start.

This fire starter would also be ideal for those who like to set out into the woods with as little as possible. I all know the campers and hikers who really like to rough it, and this product has them written all over it. 3-in-1 and extremely effective, this is exactly the kind of tool you want to have in your backpack.

My Final Verdict

My final verdict is that this one is worth the money, even if you just want to have a little fun in your backyard. The Survival Spark Magnesium Fire Starter is inexpensive, easy to use, and produces sparks each time. Add in a whistle and a compass, and this a great tool to keep on hand. It lights a fire quickly and effectively and makes the process easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re a camper, hiker, or just love a good bonfire, this one is worth checking out.

See you at the campsite!

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