Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight Review

If you go camping, you know how important it is to have a reliable and powerful camping lantern with you. A lantern makes it possible to see in the dark and avoid hazards, can help you keep your campsite well-lit after dark, and can help attract attention if you run into an emergency when you are out. In fact, I’ve written a few posts on why you need a camping lantern. However, some people absolutely love bringing a flashlight with them when they’re camping.

It’s little wonder that the Wsky Rechargeable is so popular then. It has lantern functionality for people who prefer lanterns and flashlight functionality if you love a flashlight.

For that reason, I’ve been writing a few posts but  I was asked to talk about my thoughts on the Wsky! So, my hope is that the review below will cover some of the reasons you’re sure to love this product as well as some of the problems associated with it.

Keep read to determine whether this is the product you want to purchase for your next trip.

What I Like

When designing this lantern, Wsky put a lot of work into creating a functional product with a lot of great features. One of the things I like about this product is how versatile it is. There are six different lighting modes that will help you find the perfect amount of lighting for each situation. Whether you need a little light inside your tent, or need to search the area around your campsite for firewood, you’ll be able to find the perfect setting to meet your needs. The lantern’s 360-degree design allows light to shine out in all directions. This can help provide more light where you need it and make sure you’re able to see clearly.

One of the light settings is an SOS mode. This will turn the light in the lantern red to help you attract attention if you are trapped or in need of assistance. You can also set the red light to strobe to make it more likely that you will be found.

I love that the Wsky can function as both a flashlight and a lantern. It has an easy-to-grip handle on the side that will let you hold it sideways as a flashlight. This can come in handy if you are walking with it and want to make sure the ground under your feet is well-lit. There is also a hook at the top of this product that will allow you to hold it upright or hang it at your campsite to illuminate a larger area.

Another great feature of this product is how durable it is. It is designed to hold up well to wind, rain, or getting knocked around. The lantern has rubber siding that protects it and keeps it functioning when you need it. Since this product is also water-resistant, you won’t need to worry about using it out in the rain.

Unlike other options that require you to keep purchasing disposable batteries, you’ll love that this option has a rechargeable battery. Once fully charged, the battery should allow you to operate the light for about five hours. The lantern’s battery can also function as a power bank. If your phone dies when you are camping, you can plug a USB cable into the battery, and it will recharge your phone.

This is super helpful because recharging your phone is always important while camping, and for a  trip longer than a weekend, the ability to recharge the lantern is incredibly helpful. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself carry extra batteries with you. Speaking from experience,  you do not want to have to carry extra batteries with you.

What I Don’t Like

There are a few cons associated with this product that you will want to consider before you purchase it. First, while it is nice in many ways that you can recharge the battery, this only helps so much if you’re camping and the battery dies. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere, you aren’t going to have access to a sporting goods store to buy a new rechargeable battery. When you purchase a lantern that uses disposable batteries, you can pack a spare set of batteries in your bag; that isn’t an option with this product.

You also won’t receive a power box for recharging the lantern. It comes with a USB cable, but you will need to have your own power box or plug it into your computer for recharging.

The number of different light settings this product offers is great, but it isn’t so great try to select the setting you want. You need to click the button on the lantern until you find the right setting. If you accidentally press it a few too many times, you’ll have to cycle through all of them again.

Finally, the handle for holding the lantern as a flashlight could be a little larger or padded to make it more comfortable. You may not find it very comfortable to hold it as a flashlight, especially for longer periods of time.

Who is This Perfect For?

While there are a few downsides to this product, there are still a lot of people who could really benefit from having it for their next camping trip. If you are only going camping for a night or two, this is a great product to consider. The battery should last long enough to keep the lantern lit up after dark before you head to your sleeping bag.

You may also like this lantern if you camp in more secluded areas. Having the red SOS light is a great feature if you could potentially become stranded or need assistance.

You’ll also appreciate this lantern if you want to be able to have both a flashlight and a lantern with you. The handle on the side allows you to carry it as a flashlight, which may be more useful when you are walking, or hang it as a lantern when you are setting up your campsite.

Finally, you should consider this product if you want to have a backup charger available for your phone or other devices when you are camping. Since the battery on the lantern can double as a power bank, you’ll always have access to a power source for your phone, which could come in handy in the case of an emergency.


My Final Verdict

The Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight is a great product to consider for your next camping trip. This is a versatile product that offers six different lighting modes. It can help you meet the specific lighting needs under different circumstances. This option is water-resistant and durable, so it should last for a long time. I think you’ll be happy with your decision to give the Wsky Camping Lantern a try!

See you at the campsite!

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