SOULOUT Sleeping Bag: 2023 Review

SOULOUT Sleeping Bag review for camping.

It’s one of the top sleeping bags available right now with its distinctive SOULOUT carrying bags seen all throughout the campsites, particularly in the midwest. So, is it worth it and a good sleeping bag to get?

I’ve written my thoughts on some of the top sleeping bags on the market before, but with SOULOUT being so popular, it’s worth taking the time to write a full review on one of these bags. But before going even further, it’s worth writing a bit about what exactly is the SOULOUT sleeping bag. 

The new, updated version of the SOULOUT, lightweight, waterproof sleeping bag is a great choice either indoor or outdoor use. The 33 by 86.6-inch bag is roomy enough for child through adult needs, or two bags can be zipped together to make a roomy two-person bag. The bag is rated for 32-77º F for comfortable 3-4 season camping.

The bag also features a drawstring hood area for extra padded comfort or to close out colder weather. A handy zipper at the foot of the bag can also allow for extra airflow during warmer months.

SOULOUT Sleeping Bag: The Pros

The bag combines the versatility of an envelop bag with the snug warmth of a mummy bag. The zip together feature is a great option not always available in this price range. It adds appeal to couples or a parent and child who want to stay warm and cozy with an extra feeling of security.

The bag is easy to pack and the compression straps make it extra space-saving. This portable bag attaches easily to a scout’s backpack or can be conveniently hidden away in a closet or car trunk until needed.

The SOULOUT sleeping bag is comfortable for most average-sized adults up to 6’5 feet tall. The bag features a smooth-running, two-way zipper for getting in and out easily. The bottom zipper option can add comfort for a taller person wanting to stretch out. And on cooler mornings, unzip the bottom and wear the bag like a blanket or poncho until you’ve enjoyed that first cup of hot coffee or cocoa.

The bag’s classic design is enhanced by the mummy-style drawstring hood that is well-padded and convenient for sealing in needed warmth on those colder nights. There’s even an extra strip of padding for the neck area. Some campers may even find the padding sufficient enough to negate the need for an extra pillow.

Constructed of tough, waterproofed 210T polyester to protect outdoor campers during inclement weather is one benefit of the SOULOUT sleeping bag.  The bags are easy to clean, as many spills can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth. They can be machine washed and dried as desired.

The SOULOUT sleeping bag is available in a variety of colors for individual tastes and easy identification. The bag can unzip completely for use as a picnic blanket or for quick airing or drying. The open bag can be added to a bed for extra warmth on a cold night or spread out for several to enjoy summer-night stars.

The bag is certainly an economical alternative to high-end camping options. The SOULOUT sleeping bag is a budget-friendly option for weekend sightseers, local sportsmen, or back-yard adventures. For general use, this is a versatile bag that can meet your grab-and-go needs, keeping you ready to meet more adventures without breaking the bank. I grab this bag for short camping kayak trips with my friends.

SOULOUT Sleeping Bag: The Cons

Regular readers know that I always care about weight since it can absolutely ruin a camping weekend if you have to carry these around all the time. Although fairly lightweight (4 pounds), the bag is still heavier than more high-end bags for more extensive hiking and camping trips. If you’re planning a longer trip where every ounce counts, there may be better sleeping bag options that will provide quality performance with a little less heft.

Although the bag is rated for temperatures down to 32º F, the reality is that you may need an extra blanket to insulate the bag in temperatures less than around 50º, especially for more cold-natured people or young children. There can be several factors, such as humidity, that affect the performance of any bag during winter weather.

This bag is a one-size-fits-all deal. Taller, larger adults may find it a bit constricting. Of course, everyone’s movements are limited once zipped into a sleeping bag, but this bag maybe a little too limiting for some.

There have been a few complaints by some friends of mine that the velcro quickly comes loose or the zipper does not stay secure as a sleeper moves about. Since this is not a high budget bag, these problems may occasionally occur. It is recommended that the bag be inspected and tried out immediately after purchase so that any limits in returns or refunds won’t be exceeded.

Who Is the SOULOUT Sleeping Bag Bag Perfect For?

This bag is great for the occasional, short-term adventurer who enjoys regular hiking, fishing, or climbing trips. It also works great for Boy Scout camping trips, especially during warmer weather.

If you are going to spend less than 10 nights a year in a sleeping bag, then this is absolutely the best option for you. The only consideration is that the bag won’t do great in Northern areas during the winter.

The SOULOUT sleeping bag is great for kids too. Needing to purchase several for a kid’s camping won’t break the budget and will keep everyone comfortable whether camping out in the living room or in the backyard under the stars.

It can work well as a temporary option when moving or shopping for a new bed. Short-term visitors sleeping on the couch or sofa bed will appreciate the extra comfort and warmth of the bag, whether using it zipped or opened out flat.

This can also be a great bag for car-camping adventurers who generally set up the tent within easy reach of the trunk. For these campers, the bag is portable enough to fit wherever you need to stuff it and the slightly heavier weight cannot be a burden. The bag will keep you warm and dry and pack up easily in the morning.

My Final Verdict

The bag is perfect for anyone who plans to enjoy themselves without having to depend on their sleeping bag to protect them in life or death weather or seasonal conditions. The SOULOUT sleeping bag is a versatile, all-purpose bag that will meet the needs of most general-needs campers. It’s a great bag to keep around for unexpected company or a spontaneous picnic.

If you’re looking for a quality, lower-priced sleeping bag to keep yourself and your family warm, dry, and comfortable, the SOULOUT sleeping bag is a good place to start looking. It’s easy for each family member to choose their own color and adjust the bag to meet their individual needs. The bag will work equally well for tent, RV, car camping, or backyard camping adventures.

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