Red Feather Lakes Camping Guide

Camping in Red Feather Lakes is one of the best activities you can  do  with your family to have a blast and create a lifetime of memories. The place is perfect for people craving for an adventurous camping experience, without spending too much on the trip.

You and your family will definitely enjoy the things it can offer! If you are looking for something to inspire you, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider Red Feather Lakes Camping this season.

What is Red Feather Lakes Camping known for?

Now that you are looking for a camping location, Red Feather Lakes is a pretty good option to consider. This place is popular for its rocky location. It is within the Fort Collins–a rustic mountain village that will allow you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Accommodations, adventurous sports, and outdoor recreation are just some of the great features in this area.

Before, it was home to ranchers and loggers. Now that modernization has reached some of the nearby areas, you will only see a few people still living in the mountain landscape conventionally.

The Red Feather Lakes Camping stands out because of the Roosevelt National Forest, a 612,000-acre area that serves as a ground for different outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain retreats, sightseeing, and wildlife discoveries. Let’s not forget that the first Wild and Scenic River is within the proximity of the Red Feather Lakes. It’s called the Cache La Poudre and it’s good for kayaking, rafting, and fishing.


What is the best time of year to go?

You can go camping in the Red Feather Lakes all year round but there is the best time to enjoy your experience. The location gets 13 inches of rain on average annually. There 233 sunny days and 77 inches of snow every year. If you want to camp without stressing out about the climate and weather, July, August, and June are the best time for camping. These are the most pleasant months while February and December are not suitable seasons to go here.

What campsites are there?

Three major campgrounds sit in the Red Feather Lake: Dowdy Lake, West Lake Campground, and Bellaire Campground. The most popular among the three is Dowdy Lake, which is the largest spot in the area. About 52 RV sites and 10 walk-in campsites are there. The walk-in camps are great for those who want to experience camping with tents. Electrical hookups are available. The campground also has numerous picnic tables, toilets, firewood, and drinking water. If you will go for RV sites, you will be privileged to access tent pads, grills, and picnic sites.

The West Lake Campground is a good alternative too. It is situated in Fort Collins, 48 miles northwest. The site is near the West Lake surrounded by a pine forest and rich mountains. A total of 36 sites are available within this campground. There are 1 to 5 tent sites perfect for walk-in guests. The electricity is pretty stable here, you won’t mind staying for a couple of nights to enjoy the experience.

Who would overlook the Bellaire Lake Campground? This is another campground within the Red Feather Lake which can be reached through walking. For disabled guests, a wheelchair boardwalk is available. Tent pads with bear lockers will be given to campers for protection.


Things to know before going?

Restrictions are normal in campgrounds. Each of them has its own rules and regulations you need to comply with. One good example is the number of people who can fit the tent pads. Usually, a small group of 7-8 persons can fit a single tent. If your group is more than this number, you will have to upgrade to a larger tent. RVs are also the best choices if you want a comfortable stay. Electricities are unlimited and more benefits are given to campers who will avail of these services. However, the cost is more expensive than the tent sites.

Pets are not usually allowed in campsites. Don’t bring your dogs, cats, or other pets when camping since you might have to find a place for them to stay first before you can enter a campground. Kids are welcome as long they have guardians who can look out for them. But, if you are a solo camper who is under 18 years old, restrictions will apply.

It’s also best if you will reserve for a slot before your actual camping schedule. Walk-in sites are not always guaranteed to be available. Most guests book their reservations 6 months prior to camping. If you want a smooth experience, check out for the reservation process in each campground.


Should you go camping there?

There’s no reason why you should not go camping in Red Feather Lake. It’s a perfect place given that it sits in a mountainous area. Lodging and camping here are the best features you can enjoy. Aside from checking out the three main camping grounds, you will also find a good lodging in the Beaver Meadows Resort and Ranch. This resort has everything you need for you to savor your family moments near the lake. You can stay at cottages and cabins if you want a conventional stay.

The campgrounds also offer flexible options to campers. Whether you want a reservation or not, you are welcome to check out the availabilities through walk-ins. If you want a luxurious camping experience, you have the option to select RV sites. But, if you are on a budget and you just want to enjoy living with nature for a few nights, you can for affordable tent sites.

Options are unlimited and they fit all types of campers. For those people who are up for some flexibility, camping in Red Feather Lake is a good thing to do this year!


Wrap up

Camping expensively is only an option in Red Feather Lake. There are a lot of ways to maximize the use of your money and resources if you really desire to be a camper in a short amount of time. This location will never stop offering you unique wonders that you can treasure for sure!

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