Point Reyes Camping Guide

A lot of camping sites can be discovered in the United States. One of which is Point Reyes, which is considered as one of the best locations for those who are looking for something to spice up their camping experience in California. Whether you are planning an outdoor activity with your friends or loved ones, this is a must-visit spot you shouldn’t overlook!

What is Point Reyes Camping known for?

Point Reyes is well-known for its rocky cliffs and large sandy beaches. Its name originated from the Point Reyes Station which is a town located nearby. A lot of locals and tourists consider this cape as one of the best tourist destination spots in Northern California because of its beautiful landscape.

What’s even noticeable about the place is that it is situated in a place where people can get easy access to Tomales Bay, Drakes, Bay, San Francisco Bay, and Bolinas Lagoon. Point Reyes is a wide cape with surrounding bays and lakes that are good spots for outdoor activities. Some of the major activities you can do here are hiking, fishing, picnics, and camping.

You can also spend your short escapade here doing sightseeing and walk tours. Going to Point Reyes for extraordinary camping experience is something to look forward to as it offers unlimited activities to do. You will never run out of things to discover if you choose to spend your time in this place.

What is the best time of year to go?

It’s normal to wonder when is the best time to go to Point Reyes. Since it’s a place with lots of rocky cliffs and the waves of the sea can change its behavior anytime, it’s important that you have an idea when to bring your family and friends for a good experience.

March to May are the best months to visit Point Reyes. It’s springtime, so expect to see California gray whales paving their way while they migrate from Baja. You can also discover the elephant seal pupping season if you go here during mid-spring.

What campsites are there?

Point Reyes is also famous for being home to different campsites. This location has 4 best campgrounds namely Coast Camp, Glen Camp, Sky Camp, and Wildcat Camp. Depending on your location taste, you can choose one from these sites or you can try them all if time and resources permit.

Coast Camp is situated in a compact and protected valley. This site is your gateway to access tidepools and the beach. It’s good for groups and families too since there is only a short hike to reach the campground. Kids can also reach the beach easily to swim and do other outdoor activities.

Glen Camp, meanwhile, is a quiet campground located in a secluded area. This is a protected spot and can be reached through the Five Brooks Trailhead or Bear valley. Horses and other groups of animals are not permitted at this campsite.

Sky Camp is another alternative if you want to go camping in Point Reyes. It’s beside the Mt. Wittenberg, from which you can view the Pacific Ocean and Drakes Bay. You have to do a short hike to reach this place, which is the same for all campgrounds in the area.

Lastly, Wildcat Camp is an ideal ground for people who want a view of the ocean while they are camping. The open meadow bluff allows you to see the rest of the location. A major waterfall called the Alamere Falls is just a few kilometers away from the campground.


Things to know before going?

Before going to Point Park to camp, there are a couple of things that you should be reminded of. When you go camping at any campgrounds in this location, you must secure your camping permit along with your parking permit. Go to Bear Valley Visitor Center so that organizers can set a site assignment for you and your companions. Camping is limited to 30 nights per year and four nights per visit. If you are planning your activity here, groups of 7-14 or 15-25 people can only use group sites. The campgrounds are very strict in cases like this, you can’t break down your big group into smaller ones and book the same site.

When camping, parents can bring their kids but no camper should be below 18 years of age unless there is an adult who will serve as a guardian. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in any of the 4 campgrounds. Since you are camping with other people in these areas, it’s important that you show respect to your neighbors by observing silence during sundown to sunrise.

Should you go camping there?

Point Reyes camping is a good alternative to other outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. A few good reasons why you should go for your camping experience in this location include the campground options and the accessible trails to reach the campsites. Point Reyes has 4 major campgrounds where you can choose from. If you want to get a good view of the ocean, there’s an ideal site for you. If you want to reach the beach easily without going down a trail, there’s also a campground dedicated to that.

For those who are coming in big groups or with younger campers, reaching the campsites has no major challenges. There are plenty of trails in the area for easier access. Although a short hike is required, the time you spend on the trails is worth it when you reach the campgrounds. Point Reyes is unlike other locations that will you intensive physical activities before reaching the sites. Plus, this location is the safest for all types of campers!

Wrap up


Point Reyes is a blessing to every camper. It offers a different level of experience. With its rocky cliffs, sand beaches, hiking trails, and campgrounds, your craving for something adventurous will surely be satisfied. Four nights of Point Reyes camping is going to be worth it, especially to those who haven’t been in this spot before.

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