MalloMe Sleeping Bag Review

The MalloMe Sleeping Bag Review

As I write reviews and guides, tips, and advice about camping, I often find some camping material that some people just absolutely love. I call it the “obnoxious products” because the people are just so obnoxious because they can’t stop talking about it. (I do mean that lovingly!) The MalloMe is absolutely one of those products. When it comes to sleeping bags, there are so many fans out there of the MalloMe that it’s absolutely time for a review!

Before we go any further, let me stop and give some context on the MalloMe.

The MalloMe sleeping bag is 100% polyester and is designed to comfortably sleep one person in a single bag and two people in a double. It is made for a wide weather range, ranging from 35 to 85 degrees. The bag is waterproof, easy to carry and clean, and is skin-friendly, meaning that it shouldn’t give most consumers rashes or skin irritations.  The bag is designed with a high-quality zipper that unzips on both sides to make it easier for entry and exit from the bag.

What We Like

There are many features to like about the MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag. As it is designed to be used in extreme conditions (between temperatures of 35-85 degrees), it keeps you warm on cold nights and is made of breathable material to allow airflow on warmer nights. The bag is comfortable and lightweight, which makes it easier to carry, weighing in at slightly over four pounds for a single bag and just under six pounds for a double.

Once the sleeping bag is folded and put in its carrying bag (which has straps), it can be further compressed to make for smaller cargo when you are on the trail. It features a zipper on both sides, perfect for couples to enter and exit the bag without having to roll overtop one another, and it has plenty of room.

Aside from the practical appeal of this sleeping bag, it also is very aesthetic. It is made of 100% polyester, making it gentle on the skin, and comes in five different colors: blue, green, grey, orange, and red. The bag is constructed with double-layer technology and S-shaped stitches which allow protection from the damp ground. You can also purchase the bag in either a single (86.6 inches long by 31.05 inches wide) or double size (86.6 inches long by 59.05 inches wide).

No matter which option you choose, this bag offers affordability as well as comfort and quality. This product is also backed by the company’s 100% back satisfaction guarantee.

What We Don’t Like

As there is no perfect product and there is plenty to like about the MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bag, there are a few things not to like.

Even though the zipper design of the sleeping bag is well-conceived, the quality of the zipper seems to be lacking. The zipper seems to sometimes easily tear up within the first few uses of the sleeping bag. This is not very frequent, and it hasn’t happened to me. However, I’ve heard about it enough to believe there is enough of a pattern here to believe there might be a problem with some of the zippers.

Another issue of this product is the mini pillow tied into the actual sleeping bag.

To be fair, the pillows in sleeping bags are almost always pretty crappy. I much prefer camping pillows when I’m out camping.

However, the MalloMe sleeping bag pillow is especially uncomfortable. The pillow offers little to no support and may be problematic for people who are not used to sleeping without a pillow under their head. The last thing you want is to go out on a camping trip and realize that you can’t sleep very well because the pillow you were counting on in your sleeping bag doesn’t really cut it for you.

Also, even though the sleeping bag is advertised as being easy to clean, the bag itself does not always seem to hold up after being run through a washing machine and a dryer after repeated use. The stuffing of the bag can start to become clumps and then become uneven.


Who Is It Perfect For?

Again, there is no such thing as a perfect product, but there are certain groups of people who would greatly benefit from this product. Being that this product is affordable and rated for moderately cold and hot weather, this is a perfect sleeping bag for people who came in locations through the southern US (year-round) and Northern US (not during the winter).

The key group that would greatly benefit from this sleeping bag is the individual, couple or family who enjoys the great outdoors and goes for a camping trip a couple of times a year. The price and color options, as well as being able to choose between a single or double, would allow a family an affordable way to enjoy nature at its finest, regardless of the time of year or location. The ability to compress the bags and their lightweight also makes packing much easier.

If you, your spouse, and your family are hardcore campers who go out more than a few times a year, go camping for more than a few days at a time, or go camping in extreme cold locations, then this might not be the best option for you. Heavy-duty sleeping bags, or ones rated for colder temperatures, are probably going to be a better fit for you!

My Final Verdict

All in all, the MalloMe Camping sleeping bag is a quality product that is perfect for most campers. If you are a hardcore camper, then it might not be the best fit.

Overall, the sleeping bag is very affordable, especially when compared to more well-known brands, but offers two different sizes and multiple colors. The zipper design is more functional than some bags and allows easy entrance and exit from either side. Even though there are issues with the zipper breaking or malfunctioning, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the customer service gets excellent ratings. Overall, this is a serviceable product.

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