Lightning Nuggets Fire Starters Review

Fire starters are one of the most useful tools to get a strong flame going, no matter what the situation. Whether it is needed for cooking on equipment such as a wood stove, barbeque, or pizza oven, or for warmth in a campfire, fireplace, or firepit, these tools will make starting your fire much simpler and quicker.


However,  when people think of fire starters, they typically think of a metal strike starter that creates a little flame. It’s what you see on TV, typically on the show Survivor, when people light fires. I wrote a review about one of the best from Bear Grylls.


But, regular campers will know that creating the spark is only half the battle! You need kindling for that flame to go and spark into an actual fire.  That’s where fire starters come in.

Fire  starters can come in multiple forms, but one of the most recognizable methods is by using a wood fire starter. One of these brands is Lightning Nuggets, whose products are pine scented pitch-wood combined with food grade wax. The package comes with 100 of these firestarters, and it’s without a double one of the most popular in the world.


So with that in mind,  here are some thoughts on the ever-popular Lightning Fire Starters and whether they are a good fit for campers.

What I like

Lightning Nuggets fire starters are versatile, able to be used in multiple different situations such as the ones stated above. Because of this, one box of nuggets can replace multiple different fire-starting tools, saving money for customers who purchase it.

Speaking of efficiency, most fires only require one nugget in order to catch. This allows for one box to last even longer, and depending on the amount of use can stretch one purchase over the course of months if not a whole year.

One of the hardest parts about starting a fire is getting dry enough wood, and especially in the outdoors dry wood can be scarce due to weather. However, with Lightning Nuggets, this is no longer an issue. While it may take more time than using dry wood, using one of these nuggets will still create a fire that will last.

Another issue that can cause frustration is using kindling that burns up quickly, such as paper. Kindling which burns itself out before any wood can catch means a lengthier process, and more material needed to light the wood. The nuggets also do not burn quickly, and the longer-lasting flame from Lightning Nuggets allows enough time for the wood itself to catch. This longer burn time means there is far less chance for a nugget to be wasted without getting an actual fire.

After burning, the nugget leaves behind no residue, making for an easy cleanup once the fire is out. Unlike other fire starters which can leave behind a chemical smell due to the products used, Lightning Nuggets do not leave behind any odor during or after use.

What I don’t like

One of the issues with Lightning Nuggets is that the starters do not come individually wrapped, which can create a mess inside the box. This is especially tedious if they are being used in an indoor setting, or if the box needs to be transported alongside other gear for outdoor events. The nuggets can be stored inside of another container to prevent this, but this requires a container large enough to hold the entire bundle which could require another purchase.

For me, I’ve been tucking a few into a small transport bin to bring them to the camp site. I’d much prefer if they came individually wrapped though so I don’t need to take that step.

Another frustration is that the nuggets take some time to catch a flame, meaning you have to continuously keep whatever lighter you are using on the starter for a longer period of time. This can be tedious, especially when using lighters with a short burning time such as matches. It makes it incredibly difficult to use with a strike lighter.

There is also a chance of getting malfunctioning nuggets in each box, which could be a small portion or a larger portion depending on which nuggets were packed together. There is no way to tell which nuggets will work unless they are tried, which can result in having to go through more than one just to find a nugget that functions correctly.

This is particularly is annoying if you bring a few with you to the campsite. If you accidentally grab a dud, you are out of luck once you get to the campsite!

To be fair though, there aren’t a lot of duds out there in my experience with Lightning Nuggets.

Who is this perfect for?

Anyone can get use out of Lightning Nuggets, as it’s a versatile product meant for anyone who doesn’t want to struggle with regular kindling to get a fire going. For those who are not used to lighting fires or do not have much experience using traditional kindling in order to light a fire, starters are a convenient tool that alleviates frustration and uses less material than traditional kindling.

Whether it be wanting to get a fire going faster than would be possible with kindling, or ease of use for a new user, these nuggets provide a convenient way to get your fire started. This fire starter is also perfect for those who need to light fires often, whether to provide warmth through a fireplace or for different cooking tools such as stoves or grills.

Because Lightning Nuggets works with various types of fire equipment, it can be used multiple ways in one household. The large bundle of 100 fire starters, coupled with the fact that you only need one to get a good fire going, means that anyone who uses fire on a regular basis will get longevity out of this product.

My final verdict

Using fire starters is a quick and easy way to get your fire going no matter the situation, and Lightning Nuggets is a great product for anyone looking for a large supply that works. The long burning time and ability to light even damp wood puts the quality above others that require dry wood in order to catch. Compared to other brands, one box of Lightning Nuggets will get you more fires for a fraction of the price.

See you at the camp site!

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