How to have coffee while camping

Caffeine lovers, unite! We all love camping, and of course, we all love our coffee. However, it’s often perceived to be difficult to have both. However, it is in fact possible to have both. Just grab your favorite coffee mug, made specially for camping, and get started!

We can personally testify as well that coffee doesn’t taste best when it’s from your local Starbucks. In fact, coffee tastes best when you are in nature and watching the sunset while camping! Here are our thoughts on how to have coffee while camping.

Over 65 percent of Americans happily admit to drinking at least one cup of brew per day, and due to the commercial coffee industry and the popularity of coffee shops on every corner, it is very easy to obtain. We’ll take a peek at the history of coffee, as well as give you some valuable tips for brewing a delicious cup when you are out camping with friends and family.

Before you worry, know that it is possible to have while camping!

A history of coffee, and why that relates to camping

The first cup of coffee was reportedly brewed in Ethiopia; the coffee plant was discovered by a goat herder who observed his goats “acting very energetically” after consuming green cherries of the coffee plant. By the 15th century, coffee in various forms had begun its spread across Europe, making its way to the American colonies by the 1600’s.

Since Starbucks made specialty drinks like lattes commonplace, coffee houses sprung up nearly everywhere, providing a jolt of energy to local patrons as well as a chance to socialize. It seems we haven’t strayed too far from this tradition in recent years; we all find excuses to stop for a little pick me up and a quick chat with friends.

But why is the history of coffee important to drinking coffee while camping? Well, think about this: humans have been drinking coffee since the 1500’s, or about ~500 years. However, electric coffee makers weren’t invented until ~50 years ago!

That means humans were able to drink coffee for ~450 years while in nature!

Coffee and Camping: A Symbiotic Relationship?

Coffee is the lifeblood and the juice behind many an outdoor adventure—-while we are willing to give up some creature comforts while camping out in the great outdoors, a good cuppa joe is not one of them. Since the invention of this wonderful brew, people have looked for ways to make its production and its transport easy and efficient.

Below are our favorite ways to enjoy a great cup of coffee in the outdoors; choose your method, brew under the stars, and get ready for a coffee experience like no other:

Brew up some instant coffee

In today’s world of instant gratification, it is now easier than ever to brew up some coffee on the go. Bring along a box or container of single-serve packets, and pour boiling water over the grounds, stirring well. Clean up is easy, and you can refill your mug anytime you need a quick pick me up. Personally, I prefer the delicious Starbucks Via instant coffee.

Channel your inner “cowboy” with the Cowboy Coffee Cooking Method

Cowboy coffee is done the old fashioned way—-you boil water over your fire, dump in your preferred grounds, and let them settle to the bottom and steep for a while. Take care when you are pouring into cups to make sure none of the sludge makes it into your cup, or you’re in for a chunky experience.

On the other hand, if you want a little extra kick with your coffee, feel free to munch on the grounds!

This is, without a doubt, the easiest way to make coffee while camping. It’s also the one not to do if you can avoid it. It’s honestly that not that tasty. You are almost definitely going to end up drinking some coffee grounds.

Make a single-serving pour over

A single-serving pour-over consists of a paper frame and a cup filled with grounds. This type of coffee tastes more like a traditional brew, though you will have to work on disposing of grounds and filter soon after you enjoy your cup.

Most companies that produce pour-over variety coffee have ease of use and convenience in mind; enjoy that traditional brew and make sure to pack enough for your daily caffeine needs.

If you are looking for taste, then this is the best option. However, it’s also one of the most difficult and requires you to bring the most equipment with you.

Bripe it

Now, this is a contraption that will serve as a campfire conversation piece as well as a brew station. Similar in concept to smoking a pipe, you pack grounds into the bowl of the pipe along with coffee grounds and water. Boil the water with a lighter or on the open flame, and when it cools, suck up the coffee with the attached straw. A mesh filter inside the device strains out coffee grounds for a smooth, enjoyable experience.

You might have to answer a few curious questions when using a bripe, but it will be well worth it.

Use an aeropress

An Aeropress is a great blend of the French press method and the pour-over method of blending; it reduces the grounds to a hardened puck, making cleanup a snap. It’s ideal for coffee lovers on the go, and it makes small batches relatively quickly, ensuring that you are getting a smooth, rich, fresh coffee experience every time.

Use a specialty, single brewer

There are more and more companies creating unique, specialty brewers that you can bring with you while camping. Personally, I enjoy drinking coffee because it’s part of my morning routine, not because I like the taste. However, if you love the taste of coffee, then it could be worth investing in a top-flight, portable coffee brewer.


What equipment will I need?

Depending on your brew method, you may need more or less equipment. However, regardless of the brew method, you need some equipment no matter what. No matter what, you will need:

The more sophisticated you get with your outdoor coffee brewing, the more you might decide to shop for specialty items that elevate your coffee experience. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy it, one can not argue that a great cup of coffee is a necessity when connecting with the great outdoors and sustaining your energy for all of that outdoor fun!

See you at the campsite!

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