How to go camping when pregnant

Who says pregnant soon-to-be moms can’t go camping? If it’s okay with your doctor, then it’s okay with us! When we were expecting our little one, we took a trip out to the woods to spend some time with nature. It was a fantastic trip, but it did get us thinking about how to go camping when pregnant.

To that end, we’ve put together this short guide to help you make your decision on whether or not you want to go camping, and if you do, how to do it!

Should you go camping while pregnant?

If you want to go camping and your doctor says okay, then you absolutely should! Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you shouldn’t miss out on doing the things you’d love to do in life.

On the other hand, don’t feel the need to go camping if you don’t feel up to it! If your loved ones or friends want to go, but you don’t, then you can absolutely say no! The campsite will still be there after your little one arrives

How to survive camping when pregnant: first trimester

In your first trimester, you probably have difficult mornings and face some levels of nausea and discomfort. For that reason, it’ll be extremely important to make sure that you are comfortable.


Whether you are going hiking, swimming, or any activity, make sure to always protect yourself with all-natural bug spray. That way, you won’t be inhaling chemicals and you won’t get any bites from bugs that could get you sick.

Also, make sure to always bring snacks with you! If you are away from the campsite, perhaps on a hike, you might get hit with the need to eat in order to calm your stomach. Having some protein bars or similar handy will go a long way in making sure your stomach is okay.


Drink more water than you think you need, and bring more water from home. Since most camping is done in the summer,¬† you’ll need even more water than you’d expect due to the heat. Having water on handy is necessary for both you and the little one.


Comfort is king. Bring your most comfortable clothes and pants with you, as well as the most comfortable sleeping arrangements possible. This could mean looking into a non-sleeping bag type option, such as a camping cot or similar.


As talked about earlier, make sure you bring as many snacks as possible so you can calm any nausea by munching.¬†However, you’ll also need even more food during meal times. Look to pack high-quality food, especially rice and grains.

We’ve found that the odds of under-cooking meat is much higher when you cook on an open fire. Make sure to bring foods that you can ensure won’t be raw, such as rice and grains and veggies.


Take care of yourself! Bring vitamin B and other options that will help with your nausea to ensure that you feel as good as you possibly can

How to survive camping when pregnant: second trimester

Now that you are in the thick of the second trimester, your nausea is probably gone and has been replaced by a growing baby belly! That provides a different set of challenges.


When doing activities, keep an eye out for any anything that could potentially hurt your belly. For example, make sure to be careful when hiking on uneven terrain so you don’t slip and fall and hit your belly.

A great list of possible activities to do during the second trimester is to go fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and more.

Make sure to invest in a good pair of leggings to keep you nice and warm and comfy!


As before, make sure to keep drinking as much water as you need through the pregnancy!


Sleeping is where you’ll find the biggest difference from first trimester

First, with a belly, you might find that you don’t fit into a zipped sleeping bag anymore! For that reason, make sure to look into alternative possibilities. For example, a tent with a sleeping pad and lots of blankets work great. Look to put your tent on the edge of the campsite as you’ll get up to go to the bathroom several times each night

And of course, make sure to ensure you have enough blankets to keep you warm!


As before, be careful regarding the possibility of undercooked meat from the fire


Make sure to ask for boundaries and limits as you need them from your fellow campers. For example, you’ll need to run to the bathroom much more frequently than the rest of the campers. If you need to stay close to the campsite for that reason, then make sure to do so!

How to survive camping when pregnant: third trimester

When you are into the third trimester, it will become much more difficult to go camping. While you are certainly welcome to go camping now, we have to be honest that we haven’t seen many people at campsites who are this far into pregnancy!

Either way, we hope these tips have beene helpful and we’ll see you at the campsite!

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