EZORKAS Camping Lantern

When you go camping, you need some type of illumination. While flashlights are the standard, I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan of camping lanterns. I even wrote a post about my favorite camping lanterns.

But for this post, I thought it would be worth diving into more detail on one of the most popular camping lanterns on the markets. This is, of course, the ever-popular EZORKAS camping lantern. If you have spent time on a campground in the past couple of years, you’ve seen this lantern around.

Before I go any further, what exactly is this lantern?

Well, the EZORKAS camping lantern provides hours of bright light in a compact, lightweight and rechargeable design that will help you find your way in the dark. The unit can be used as a lantern to provided 360 degrees of illumination, like a flashlight for seeing further into dark areas and also has a red flashing strobe light that can be used to signal for help in emergency or survival situations.

The unit has a dual power source, with a built-in 1865 rechargeable battery or three standard AA batteries. The lantern has foldaway handles and a magnetic base that allows for carrying, hanging, or mounting the lantern on a metallic surface.

What I Like

There are many reasons why I like the EZORKAS camping lantern. Here are the main ones:

What I Don’t Like

While there are many things to love about the EZORKAS camping lantern, here are a few things that could be improved upon:


Who is this Perfect for?

EZORKAS 2 Pack Camping Lanterns

Rechargeable Led Lanterns, Hurricane Lights with Flashlight and Magnet Base for Camping, Hurricane, Hiking, Emergency, Outage

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Realistically, the EZORKAS camping lantern is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like fumbling around in the dark. If you are going camping, then this is the right pick for you. With the rechargeable battery and with the backup AA battery feature, the lantern is perfect for campers. The lantern can be hung upside down or the magnetic base can be used to attach it to a metal ceiling to provide light for cooking or board and card games.

RVers will find the EZORKAS and a handy light to have on hand for backup lighting and fishermen can use the lantern for hunting nightcrawlers and fishing after dark.

The lantern is also perfect for people who travel by car to keep in their emergency kit. The multi-functional light would be very helpful in a roadside emergency situation, using it as a lantern to check under the hood or change a tire and the red flashing light can be used to warn other motorists of a breakdown. I drive an F-150 and it’s a great thing to keep in the glove box

Mechanics and handymen will love the EZORKAS as a work light, with its magnet base being perfect to work on vehicles. Children will love the EZORKAS for nighttime play, in their treehouse, backyard, or indoor tent.


My Final Verdict

Overall, the EZORKAS camping lantern gets a big Thumbs Up. The lantern has many more pros than cons and it provides a long-lasting light source in a compact, easy-to-carry, water-resistant package. The lantern’s multi-purpose design makes it versatile enough that anyone and everyone will be able to find a use for it. While the lantern is a perfect choice for campers, with its ability to be used as a lantern, a flashlight, and an emergency signal light, the EZORKAS camping lantern was designed to be useful in virtually any situation where light is needed.

See you at the campsite!

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