Enchanted Rock Camping Guide

If you are passionate about rock climbing, you should try visiting Enchanted Rock Camping. The pink massive granite domes provide the perfect trails that will make this adventure worthwhile. But before you plan a visit to the park, let us get acquainted with what to expect at Enchanted Rock State Natural area.

What is Enchanted Rock Camping is Known For?

Do not let the name fool you. At Enchanted Rock camping, rock climbing is not the only activity. A myriad of fun activities are available.

The park has close to 11 miles of hiking trails than you can explore. While on the trails, you can enjoy scenic views granitic rocks that form the dome. These domes are exfoliation domes. They exist in layers. Have fun and educate yourself while exploring the differential stratums for each dome in the park.

Enchanted rock camping rises 425 feet above the park’s base elevation. The highest point is 1825 feet above sea level. The entire dome is 640 acres. Such features have made the camp known for rock climbing. If you are a rock climbing enthusiast, a trip to this place will not disappoint.

The park has picnic sites that are very suitable for family bonding. You can stargaze or geocache the while enjoying the picnic experience. The skies from this place are dark enough to see the Milky Way.

Enchanted rock camping has many campsites. For people planning more than a day’s trip to this place, information on these campsites shall be provided in another section.


Best Time to Go Camping There

Enchanted rock camping can be accessed throughout the year. They are open throughout the year. July is the hottest month with temperatures rising close to 95 degrees.

Of importance to note is that the place fills up very early. By 10 a.m. you might get turned away because the park’s capacity is exceeded. Capacity is normally considered to be exceeded when parking spaces are completely exhausted.

Make a point of reaching Enchanted Rock Camping early in the morning to be on the safe side. However, even if capacity is exceeded, there is no need to be gloomy. The park continues re-admitting people 4 hours after the capacity is exceeded.

What Campsites Are There at Enchanted Rock?

At Enchanted Rock Camping, campsites are categorized into three different types: the walk-in campsites, primitive campsites and group camps. Every campsite has its unique features. We shall have a brief discussion on these campsites.

For further details on these camping sites including their pricing, the park has a dedicated website. Prices are subject to change. Before seeking the services of these campsites, call them and confirm their prices beforehand.

Things to Know Before Going to Enchanted Rock

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the state issued a park advisory. As a result, enchanted camping rock no longer accepts payments to enter or camp. People are required to first reserve day passes and camping permits before visiting.

Some campsites allow pets to be brought along. A good example is the primitive areas. Pets by law are not allowed in any Texas State Park buildings. So if you are planning to bring a pet to a campsite, make sure the site permits pets. Such information can be gotten from the park’s website or visiting to make direct inquiries.

If the capacity exceeds the limits of primitive or walk-in campsites, there is no need to panic. An additional $10 per extra person will be levied. The park, however, encourages people to adhere to their guidelines on capacity limits.

The campsites levies are independent of the daily entrance fee. Campers will be required to pay for the camping sites and also the entrance fee. While making reservations, do not assume the camp expenses are the only expenses.

Primitive campsites charge a $6 fee for an excess vehicle per night. The fee applies for “each vehicle over two campsites”.


Should You Go Camping There?

The answer is a definite yes. Enchanted Camping Rock is the quintessence of variety at a stop. You will get to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. It does not matter if you are a rock climber, hiking enthusiasts, stargazer or a person who just appreciates nature’s beauty. All these and more are available at the park.

Enchanted rock camping is ideal for the camping enthusiast. The campsites are well equipped with the tools that will make your stay very comfortable. More so the walk-in campsites. All these tools are guaranteed to make the experience enjoyable while reducing your discomfort. Camping has never been simplified like at enchanted rock camping.

The park has exquisite granite domes that are very scenic. Climbing of these domes is permitted so long as it is a guided tour. Just imagine the beautiful view from the top of the domes. It is guaranteed to take your breath away.

In addition to providing scenic views, domes are good for geological studies. Suppose you have an interest in the rock formation, the park should be a great source of first-hand experiences. Get the chance to come and study while at the same time enjoying the leisure provided by the camp.


Wrap Up

For the lovers of nature and camping, Enchanted Rock Camping should be a priority destination. You will derive a lot of pleasure from being in the park. The flora and the fauna are a beauty to watch. The nature trails will lead you to scenic views never seen before. Consider visiting the park soon, and I’ll see you there!

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