Donner Lake Camping Guide

If you are planning to go on a camping in the California area, you must not miss the name Donner Memorial State Park Campground. This is one of the best places for camping in California. The view of the serene lake, where you can indulge in swimming, boating, fishing, paddleboarding, and waterskiing. You can have all of these adventures in this place.\

About Donner Lake Camping

Right off the bat, it’s situated at the bank of the Donner Lake and on the east side of Yosemite national park. That’s hard to beat right there! This campsite is a favorite of so many people. If you are looking for more features, you can always visit the nearby High Sierra Crossing Museum, which has a collection of the history of Native Americans and their traditional railroad.

This skate park has 154 campsites in total and they are separated into three places. If you are driving your RV there you will get a spot and area to park your trailer and set up a tent. There is a new reservation, you can book the campsite before 6 months.

Best time to visit Donner Lake

Donner Lake Camping has the best time to go and that is in the summer months. This time the place stays packed with campers and visitors. You will find golfers, hikers, and bikers in this place. Also, weddings take place in this area this time. In the fall the temperature starts to fall, but you can still be active and spend leisure time by the lake. In the inter the lake surroundings get filled with snow, and this time the ski resorts open. You can enjoy skiing, ice skating, snowboarding here. In the springtime, the ice melts, and this is the low season here, when you can go biking, and hiking.

The campsites in Donner Lake Park

There are some noteworthy campgrounds in while you go for Donner Lake Camping.

Split rock campsite

This skate park and campsite are situated at the north shore of Superior lake. You can engage in activities here like, 12 miles of hiking and then 8 miles of a bike trail. If you love fishing then, try this activity in the nearby river and the lake. The camp has a better view of the Superior lake. The split rock life house is a historic site that has been made into a park. This place pet-friendly, and stays open in fall and winter. Other features such as flush toilets, and hot showers in the campground.

Creek campground

This is another noteworthy place while you go for Donner Lake Camping. This area has a total of 57 campgrounds, and you will get the best amenities like picnic tables, restrooms. You can always set up the tents here, and enjoy the beatify lake and the snow-capped mountains. Try out fishing and boating, paddling, wind sports in the lake, and go for hiking on the amazing trail. If you are visiting this campsite in winter you can always take part in snow sports. The best time to visit here is in the summer and fall time. You can visit in Spring which is the off-season.

Things to know before going to Donner Lake for camping


Why you should visit Donner Lake memorial state park

The beautiful nature will always call you to this place. The lake, the mountains, and the greenery all are part of this attraction. If you visit in summer you will find many people have gathered here, and so many of them with their families. Spend some peaceful days at the campsites where you will get better amenities. Another reason to go for camping at Donner lake side is for the water and land activities you can do here. Go for swimming, boating, fishing anything your heart desires. Then, bask in the summer sun and read a book. This is a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle life of the city, and you will find peace of mind for some days at least.

In the wintertime experience the white nature and explore the snow sports. The ski resorts open here at this time, and you can go for snowboarding skiing and so many other activities. If you are visiting with your family or solo, check out the museum in the memorial park, and get to know about the native Americans. Spend some days in peace, take so many pictures. Then, come back home with a bag filled with pleasant memories of Donner lake and its campsites.

Camping is not for everyone, but still, so many people love this experience of outdoor staying, get attached to nature. Donner lake campsites are one of the best camping places in California, where you will get to spend some days in fun and have peace of mind too. Here, at the above check out the details.

We’ll see you at the campsite!

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