Dillon Beach Camping Guide

With a laid back atmosphere, famous cities, and breathtaking sceneries, California is one of the most famous places not only in the United States but also in the whole world. It’s little wonder that the people who live in California love to go camping when it is that beautiful outside!

With incredible beaches and picturesque landscapes, it’s no wonder that many people in California love to camp on the beach.¬†Among the best camping beaches in California is Dillon beach, and that’s what this article is all about. Our goal here is to share with you everything we know about Dillon Beach camping and what you should expect while you are there.

What Is Dillon Beach Known For?

Surfing is one of the big reasons why Dillon Beach is popular among campers. With consistent waves and warm temperature, it’s. favorite spot for those looking to surf while they out camping.¬† For those looking for surfing specifics, the beach features a sandbar break that goes from left to right. Even better, a sandy bottom that runs more than 100 yards makes it excellent for beginners.

Kiteboarding and windsurfing are other popular activities in Dillon Beach. The place is home to strong winds that allows the sports to thrive. If you haven’t tried either, then there are instructors in the area you could hire to help teach you. (On a personal note: do so at your own risk. I know people who’ve gotten badly hurt trying to do either Kiteboarding or windsurfing).

For visitors who are more in tune with laid back activities, then clamming is another favorite pursuit. In Dillon Beach, you can find yourself some Giant Clams. And, they don’t call it a giant clam for nothing….they are HUGE at Dillon Beach. There’s more information about clamming there at this link.

For the family campers, Dillon has plenty of beach tide pools for the young ones to enjoy and explore. In any given day, anyone can find crabs, anemones, sea stars, mussels and limpets in Dillon’s tide pools.

Fishing is another activity that is often enjoyed while in Dillon Beach. Experienced anglers love to fish off the waters of Lawson’s Landing. Halibut, Salmon, rockfish, lingcod, and even sharks are a few of the many fish you can catch. In Dillon Beach, the majority of anglers prefer to fish from the pier. However, when the Dungeness crab season arrives, some anglers start fishing off from a boat. Please note that chartering a boat will cost you a bit more money to do so. Lawson’s landing offers boat rentals that you might find helpful.

What is the best time of year to go to Dillon Beach?

The “best” time to go on a Dillon Beach camping depends on a couple of factors. If you want the best weather, then there’s no doubt it’s during the summer. That’s around June, July, and August here. While that may be surprising and you’d expect it to be too hot: remember that it’s right on the ocean. For that reason, you’ll enjoy a bit more of a nice breeze off the water.

On the downside, the place will likely be crowded, and the stay will be expensive since these months are considered as peak season.

On the other hand, the winter months of November, December, and January are offseason. The weather may be a bit colder, but it’s the least crowded, and the accommodation will be likely at its lowest.

What campsites are there?

There are plenty of campsites to choose from in Dillon Beach. If you want something that is very affordable, then Sonoma Coast State Park is an excellent choice. The place has plenty of attractions like the Salmon Creek Beach, a multitude of tide pools, Duncan’s Landing, Goat Rock, and Bodega Head. The place has two environmental campgrounds and two standard campgrounds. On the downside, there are no RV hook-ups on the site. Many people have shown up looking for a place to hook up their RV only to be disappointed.

Wrights Beach Campground is another popular campground. It’s located between Jenner and Bodega Bay. The beauty of this campsite is you can camp adjacent to the beach. However, there are only twenty-seven campsites, so you might want to contact them for availability before you go there. They also impose a maximum trailer length of twenty-seven feet. The site offers restrooms, but there’s no shower. If you are looking for a shower, we wrote some tips on how you can showering while camping. You can also find plenty of fire rings and picnic tables around the site.

With ninety-eight campsites, it’s likely you’ll find a spot in the Bodega Dunes Campground. They are also generous with a trailer limit of thirty-one feet. The place has restrooms and even hot showers. Also, you can find paved parking spur, fire ring, and picnic tables. As the name suggests, this campsite is located at Bodega Bay.

There are plenty of other options, and you can check them out here.

Things to know before going?

In California, there’s a term known as June Gloom. It’s a local expression about gloomy overcast skies that hits the coastal waters. It usually happens during the end of spring, and summer is about to begin. The gloomy weather is caused by low lying clouds that form at the ocean surface.

Typically, it only happens in the mornings and disappears by the afternoon. While this weather phenomenon is common at Southern California beaches, it can still happen in Dillon Beach. Hence, if you ever visit the site during the June Gloom phenomenon, don’t worry if the skies are gloomy in the mornings. It should clear out by the afternoon.

Another important thing to keep in mind while camping in Dillon Beach is to bring layers. Even if you visit Dillon Beach during summers, it’s still best to come prepared.

As mentioned above, June Gloom may appear during the mornings, and that means the temperature can get chilly. Hence, be prepared and bring a sweater at the very least. You might also want to bring a jacket just in case the nights get really cold.

Should you go camping at Dillon Beach?

When it comes to Dillon Beach, it’s tough to make a mistake by going camping there. The place is relatively safe, and there’s little to worry about dangerous animals that may be lurking around. Furthermore, you are camping on the beach. And seriously, do you know anyone who doesn’t like to visit the beach?

Since you are on the beach, you’ll hardly run out of things to do. You can do exciting activities like surfing, fishing, kiteboarding or windsurfing. Or, you can do laid back activities like exploring the tide pools, enjoy a leisurely walk by the beach or have a quiet time watching the waves.

There are also plenty of campsites to choose from. There are even campsites that allow you to camp adjacent to the beach. That reason alone is enough to convince most people to camp at Dillon Beach.

Most of the campsites are equipped with basic amenities like restrooms, fire rings, and picnic tables. However, some don’t have RV hook-ups and warm showers. Hence, be sure to check out the amenities of a specific campsite before going there to avoid disappointments.

Wrap Up

Imagine yourself waking up to the smell of sea air. Sitting on a comfortable chair with hot coffee or tea as you watch the beautiful sunrise. During the day, you have plenty of activities and places to explore. Then, relax and enjoy the sunset. These are only a few of the many wonderful experiences that are waiting for you at Dillon Beach.


We’ll see you there!

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