Best Camping Shower Tents

Growing up in Wisconsin, camping was a traditional family outing. Spending quality time with family and enjoying the outdoors was an amazing adventure. Now that I have my own family, I want to keep the tradition going and afford the same opportunity to my children.

I have so many fun camping memories. But I can’t dismiss the fact that I hated traveling to the public showers. There was so much uncertainty with that experience that I began researching better ways for my family.

A camping shower tent is the best option, and unfortunately, it is often overlooked. It is considered one of the best practical utility tents. Showering while camping doesn’t have to be a daunting task. This type of tent can make it easy and convenient to stay clean while camping. If I had this tent during my first camping trips, it would have made my experience ten times better.


There are so many shower tents on the market with new innovative designs, which one do you choose? In this article, I will highlight the following:

Camping Shower Tent Buying Guide

To help you find the perfect tent that meets your needs, consider the following qualities of your shower tent:

With the above considerations in mind, the following are the 5 best shower tents.

5 Best Camping Shower Tents of 2020

The Most Convenient Shower Tent: Wolfwise Popup

If space is your first priority, this tent from Wolfwise should be at the top of your list. It has a spacious interior shelter that can comfortably fit tall individuals. This tent is much taller and spacious than other shower tents.

There is a mesh top design that provides excellent ventilation. The 360-degree ventilation on this tent helps with regulating body heat and tent odor. This will come in handy on those cold camping nights.

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What I like about this tent is that it is versatile. You can use it for showering, a private space to use the toilet, or simply get dressed. Remember, the material is important. This tent is made of water repellent polyester. There are taped seams that help block 60% of harmful UV rays. You don’t want to overexpose your skin during camping.

Another excellent feature is that the tent is made of anti-tear material. This will help lead to long-lasting use of the product. The pop-up design makes it simple to transport, assemble, and store.





The Most Comfortable Shower Tent: Leader Accessories Pop Up

When you are camping, showering is important, but you also want to do it quickly and efficiently. The Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent allows you to do just that. It is the perfect size for comfort. The large zipper door makes it easy to come in and out of the tent. The built-in entrance is a great feature of this tent and this is why it is ranked one of the most convenient shower tents.

One thing you have to worry about with frequent moisture is the possibility of rust forming. This tent is rust-resistant and it has a sturdy but flexible steel frame. Sturdiness is important for safety and flexibility works in your favor when it is time to pop up/down the tent.

The part-bottom design on the tent makes it easy to keep the floor clean. I’m sure most of us can appreciate a clean shower while outside. In addition to cleanliness, the weather is another factor during camping. The durable frame of this tent can withstand large gusts of wind.

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The Best Camping Shower Tents: Core Instant

If you are looking for a deluxe premium shower tent, this one by Core Instant is your choice! This tent features two rooms. There is a shower room that is separated by a zipper that leads into a changing room. The quality design makes it easy for you to shower and get dressed without feeling closed in.

The instant setup of this tent is amazing. You can have it ready in no time. What’s even greater is that the legs are pre-attached to the tent. All you have to do is unfold and extend the legs into place. Extremely simple and saves you a ton of time.

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When camping, carrying less is best. The compact design and easy carrying capability make it a top choice for camping.

There is an integrated clothesline in the tent that is great for both clothes and towels. I always have to figure out places to keep small objects while camping. Inside this tent, there is a hanging storage pouch. You can store your keys, phone, or other valuables there.

Air circulation in the shower is enhanced with the mesh roof vent. Good circulation is essential for clean and dry environments when not in use. Privacy is a key feature of this tent. There is a zipper lock to keep your possessions safe.






The Most Private Shower Tent: Vidalido

If you are like me, you may camp often with your friends and family. You want a shower tent that will be long-lasting and stand the test of time. The Vidalido Outdoor Shower Tent is made of durable material.

Depending on how private you want the tent, you have the option of taking the cover off to have a clear mesh window on one side of the tent. This is great to see outside and perfect for ventilation.

Overall the tent is easy to use. It can also be used as a changing room as well. It is one of the best privacy tents

The material is nylon polyester which makes it water repellant. Air circulation is also controlled through this type of material. The frame is made of sturdy steel, so it is safe for your family to enjoy without having to worry about collapsing.

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The Most Spacious Shower Tent: Lightspeed Outdoor

This Lightspeed Outdoor Shower tent is a great choice for tall campers or people that like more space. There is a compression hub for fast setup. The pre-threaded telescoping poles allow you to set up a tent in minutes. Coming in and out of the door is a breeze. There is a large dual-zippered door.

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Wet weather is no issue with this tent. You don’t have to worry about extreme leaking. This tent was made to last. It has an umbrella rated 800mm PU coated for wet weather. You have options with this tent. The floor can be clipped up or down for use. Some of the amenities include a towel strap, pockets for storage, and a shelf for a solar shower.






Now that I’ve shared a couple of the key camping showers,  it’s time for everyone’s favorite….the FAQ!

FAQ’s for Shower Tents

It’s one of the most popular things on the site! Below, I’ve tried to answer a couple of the most common questions I  get. But, if I missed any, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to answer!

How to fold up the best camping shower tent?

Depending on the style of your tent, most tents are able to pop up and pop down. You will have to remove the steel framing, or some tents have single poles. Once you remove the poles, you can gently fold down the tent. Next, it is important to return it to the storage back to ensure that the tent does not get damaged. Store the framing first and then fold the tent and store it neatly in the bag.


How to make a camping shower tent?

If you want to take the DIY route, you can make a temporary shower tent. You will need water repellent material like nylon polyester, framing (steel is best) but PVC piping also works. Create your structure so that it has a strong foundation. Remember ventilation is important and flooring material is important. Leave a space on the roof for a mesh opening and a space for the water bag.


How to go take a shower when tent camping with dogs?

If you are camping with a dog it may be difficult to find time to take a shower and still keep an eye on your pups. The best way to take a shower when camping with dogs is to do it while they are eating. This way the dogs are occupied and will not run off and explore without you. Set up their feeding station near the shower tent so that you can still keep an eye on them.


Happy Camping!

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