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When you are going camping, you will find yourself outdoor and surrounded by an amazing environment. You will either enjoy this freedom or you will suffer because of it. The reason why you could suffer is a surprising number of campers have some problems with sleeping outdoors. This is because they are not fully prepared and consider that indoor sleeping is the same as outdoor sleeping.

When you are sleeping outdoors, you must have special outdoor sleeping gear. Everyone knows that this means a sleeping bag, but that’s not all. Arguably the most important part of this gear is the camping pillow. These pillows come in different designs and different materials. You must choose one which suits best with your personality and sleeping style.

Here are some of the examples which you should consider before deciding the best camping pillow for you.


Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

This sleeping pillow is great for all types of sleeping positions. This can even be used as a backrest because of its curved design. It is made up of fiber on the front and there is a detachable latch in the back to keep it fixed with the mattress. This pillow has a special feature of rubber dots at the lower end of the pillow. This will not allow the pillow to be slipped from the mattress or sleeping bag. It is lightweight and getting it inflated is also an easy task because it can be inflated only with 3-5 breaths.

Most importantly, it’s one of the most comfortable pillows we’ve ever used: period.






Overall, it is the best camping pillow for people who want to carry less weight.


Therma-a-Compressible Camping pillow

This is an amazing pillow made out of polyester. This material is different than that of other pillows because it is compressible and not inflatable. This means that you can compress the pillow and upon full compression, it will still be larger than other inflatable pillows.

It is available in many different sizes so you can choose according to your demand. This pillow has the same material as the regular pillows used at home so quality is high. It is washable in the washing machine and easily cleanable. It is an amazing pillow especially by its design because it mimics the shape of pillows used at home so you will not feel different during your outdoor stay. The biggest problem for this pillow is not having support at the bottom and this pillow can slip from the mattress easily.




It is the best camping pillow for people who want something that will last a lifetime. The ability to easily wash the pillow is a game-changer


RedCamp small camping pillow

This pillow comes in 3 pieces. The first piece is the compressible pillow The second peace is a removable pillow cover. The third place is a bag that can contain the pillow once it is fully compressed.

This pillow is special because it has an external removable Pillow Cover which can be washed separately. In the camping community, this pillow has a special status because it is soft and people can sleep on this pillow easily.

It is available in many colors and textures so you can match your camping equipment with this pillow for a better appearance. This pillow comes with a warranty of one year so if you are not satisfied with this pillow, you can return it by getting your money back. This pillow is cheaper than others so there are many who swear by it. This pillow comes only in one size and once it is fully compressed the bag is still larger than the other pillows.




It is the best camping pillow for people who want better luxury sleep


RikkiTikki Inflatable Camping Pillow

This is one of the softest inflatable pillows on the market. It is balanced and big enough for an adult to sleep comfortably. It is durable and has a good inflatable valve. It is compact so once you have deflated it, you can easily hold the whole pillow in your hand. This feature is especially important because this large pillow can become small once the air goes out.

It comes with a bag to hold the deflated pillow, which is good for transportation. This pillow comes in three layers and the top layer is made of cotton. This means that the top layer will be comfortable because of its cotton material. The problem with this camping pillow is its size and color. It does not come in many colors and textures. It is only coming in one size so you will have fewer choices.






It is the best camping pillow for people who like cotton material.


Rest-A-Camp Inflatable Camping pillow

This pillow has a special feature that it can be given as a gift to any camping enthusiast. This camping pillow comes in four parts. There is one storage bag, inflatable pillow, removable cover, and gift box. The gift box is specially designed because it can be given as a gift to anybody. It is light and easily inflatable with only 3-5 breaths.

This pillow comes with a removable cover which is made up of cotton material so it has better sleep acceptability. It is only available in one size but there are many colors and textures available. It is a great choice if you want an inflatable travel pillow with cotton touch and a variety of color and texture availability. It is easily foldable and can fit inside a bag size of a small soda can.





It is the best camping pillow to give as a gift for someone and for people who want to get a variety of colors


We’ll see you at the campsite!

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