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I’ve written in the past how my fiancee gets cold at night. For that reason, double sleeping bags and a kettle to make tea to keep her warm at night and during the day.  We also try to go out to the woods in  the summer as well for that reason. But, there is also one other piece of gear that works really well for keeping her warm: a camping blanket.

Camping blankets are an inseparable part of every successful camping trip. They can keep you warm during the cold days or you can use them to heat yourself around the campfire during the day. With so many available choices on the market nowadays, it is no wonder that you may feel overwhelmed when you have to choose the one that suits your needs.

But, what I can say for sure, is that my fiancee absolutely loves her blankets!

With all that in mind, it felt like it was time that I wrote my thoughts down for everyone on which were the best options out there so you can skip the ones that aren’t nearly as good.

For this post, I’ll highlight:

So, let’s get started!

Camping Blanket Buying Guide

When buying a blanket for camping, there are a couple things that matter and you should think about. These include a couple of considerations specific to camping blankets, but also include my staple consideration: weight!

Now that I’ve shared a bit of info/thoughts on how to think about buying a blanket that is specific for camping, here are some thoughts on my favorite (read: my fiancee’s!!) favorite camping blankets of 2020!

Best Camping Blanket of 2020

My overall favorite blanket: Leisure Co Ultra-Portable Outdoor

A compact and lightweight blanket that can be easily moved around without fear of falling off, the new Leisure Co camping blanket is the perfect product for every type of traveler. It can be used for backpacking, hiking, picnics and even travels thanks to its portability. It is made of high-quality polyester material that is both waterproof and resistant. Therefore, there is no danger of it tearing off or experiencing any damages for a long while after you first purchase it. The blanket is also, sand-proof and that makes it ideal for the sunny summer days, as well.




Overall, this camping blanket is ideal for every adventurer wishing to spend some quality time in nature. It is cozy, comfortable, easy to move around and highly durable. Ideal for backpackers and travelers thanks to its packable size, you can easily toss this blanket into your backpack and have it with you wherever you go.


Best camping blanket for summer: Horizon Hound Down

An ideal blanket for spring and summer trekking, and versatile enough, so that you can use it as a quilt, hammock blanket or poncho, the Horizon Hound Down blanket features a series of great characteristics. Made of tough nylon that’s water-resistant and still machine-washable, the blanket ensures protection against the rain and the wind. The bag has its own roll-top storage sack that’s enriched with a heavy clasp. Although the blanket is extremely lightweight, it is still super-insulating and cozy.






The Horizon Hound Down blanket is a great option for every camper out there. Although it is ideal for a summer or spring expedition, you can still use it throughout the year with good results. Its cozy and insulating interior guarantees ensure that users are gonna feel warm and dry at all times and its compact design promises to give you some long-lasting experiences, without the fear of damages.



Largest Camping Blanket: Easthills Outdoors Mammoth 

Mammoth camping blanket is a premium-made outdoors blanket made 100% waterproof and wind-resistant nylon. The inside is enriched with a high-quality and extremely soft fleece material in order to provide you with sufficient heat even when the weather outside is cold. Another great feature of this blanket is the fact that it possesses an innovative reflective lining. That material keeps the warmth from escaping your body and that makes the final warming effect of the blanket even greater. The blanket is large enough and it can effectively cover up to 3 people at once.






Large enough to warmly wrap 2-3 people and easy to carry as well, this outdoor blanket is ideal for a family picnic or a couple’s camping experience. Its water-proof design and three-layered fabric make this blanket extremely comfortable and soft at all times. This product is among the most affordable ones in its category and the company offers a 3-year warranty, as well.


Best blanket for bad weather: Oceas Outdoor Waterproof blanket

Specifically designed to withstand even really harsh weather conditions, thanks to its double-coated backing, the new outdoors blanket produced by Oceas is the perfect choice for every adventurer. The blanket can easily fold into a compact, versatile and portable shape so that you can easily carry it with you on your next hiking expedition or road tripping. Being both waterproof, sand-proof and wind-proof, this blanket can be used throughout the year without the fear of getting torn or damaged.






Oceas outdoor blanket can be used on various occasions, including road trips in a car, hiking, camping or watching your favorite team at the stadium. Even under extreme weather conditions, you can rest assured that no rain or snow will be able to pass through this blanket and that your clothes will be kept dry. The water-resistant nature of this blanket along with the high-quality polyurethane material it is enriched with make the final product really sturdy and durable.


Warmest camping blanket: Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

A thick and extremely warm blanket, enriched with high-quality wool and hypoallergenic synthetic fibers, the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket is the ideal choice for everyone wishing to spend some time feeling warm and cozy, particularly during the cold winter days. The design of this blanket is really nice and it is machine washable, so you can easily clean it once in a while. The unique thing about this blanket is the fact that it gets all the more soft with each wash.






Overall, this wool blanket is ideal for both interior usage and outdoor activities. Although it is not waterproof, thanks to the wool material it consists of, this blanket can be used even in damp environments. Hunting, fishing or camping are some of the most common activities owners of this blanket have preferred it for. Available in three colors and with a high-fashion design, this blanket will give you a modern and delicate look at all times.

Now that I’ve shared some of my favorite camping blankets (again, read: my fiancee’s favorite blankets!), here are a couple of answers to some common questions regarding these blankets. Feel free to ask any additional questions in the comments and I’ll get to them after consulting the expert on comfort and warmth in the house!

FAQ’s on blankets meant for  camping

Blankets specifically made for camping are definitely unique when compared to the standard blankets you see around the Bed Bath and Beyond for your couch! For that reason, it’s definitely important to include a quick  FAQ section!

What is a camping blanket?

Think of a blanket with benefits, with the biggest benefits being in the care components. It’s waterproof, easy to clean and can easily fit into a carrying case or a pack.

What are your thoughts about using an electric blanket when camping?

I like the idea. I’m also a fan of electric heated sleeping bags.

There are a couple of things to think about though. The first is recharging it, which will be extremely difficult if you are going to a remote area. If the camping trip is longer than a week, and you don’t have a way to recharge, it’s entirely possible it will run out of juice during your trip.

Also, be careful not to get it wet!

Should I have a blanket when camping in the desert?

The answer highly depends on what time of year you are going. If you haven’t gone camping in the desert before, you’d be surprised to know that it actually gets really cold at night in some deserts. For that reason, if you are going camping then, you should absolutely bring a blanket with you.

If it’s during the summer, you would probably be okay without needing one.

How to fit a blanket in a camping bag?

There are two options here.

If  your blanket came with a portable  carrying bag, then you should first roll up your blanket into the carrying bag. Then, you either put that carrying bag into your bags, carabiner it onto your carrying bag, or carrying it yourself.

If yours didn’t come with a carrying bag, then it means you need to use your own bags to carry it. In this case, I always recommend rolling the blankets. It takes up the least amount of space. You can also put anything sharp, like a hatchet or axe, in the middle of the rolled-up blanket because it will protect both you and the blade from getting cut.

Where can I get a bug resistant blanket for camping?

That is a GREAT question. If you know of one, please let me know in the comments. If you are a business owner, then please get on it and create a bug resistant blanket for the rest of us!

See you at the campsite!

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