2020 Canway Camping Stove Review


If you haven’t gone camping in a while, or ever, it’s easy to think about how great it would be to use a cook a meal out on the campfire! After all, it’s certainly idyllic. However, we observe that most people get tired of trying to do so after a night or two! Let’s face it: cooking on a campfire is a nightmare. For that reason, we recommend bringing a camping stove with you. That’s why we’re here with our 2020 Canway Camping Stove Review!

To begin, there are many compact and lightweight camping stoves currently being sold that come with great features to make camping fun again. However, we’re starting with our Canway review because we know it’s one of the best on the market.

Canway products are currently one of the top sellers, and many users are given it great reviews. Read our review below so that you can decide for yourself if it will be the right choice or not.

What we like

Saves space in your car and Environment-Friendly

Unlike most camping cooking devices, this camping stove by Canway uses wood as fuel. So, you do not need to buy and pack fuel and gas cans/barrels in your car, which will save a lot of space when you go camping. Packing what you need to make the camping trip safe and comfortable is a must. And with more space available because you don’t need gas, you can pack more required camping material.

Besides, with a gas stove, there is always a chance of finishing your gas canisters before the trip is complete. This unwanted situation can be avoided, as you can use branches, wood chips, leaves from the campsite only to light the Canway stove.

The fact that it uses wood as fuel means that it will not leave behind any chemical emission, making it environment-friendly as well. This camping stove is itself quite smaller than traditional camping cooking equipment; saving up more space in your car.


Portable, Compact and Lightweight

As mentioned above, this one is compact and sleek in design. It is only a few inches tall and wide. The small size of this stove makes it a more manageable and carriable option to have at a campsite. Not only is it small, but the Canway camping stove is also lightweight as well, weighing only 1.1 pounds.



Camping trips should be fun and peaceful events, and this camping stove makes the cooking process easy and quick. According to our Canway camping stove review and testimonial of different users, it is clear that it is very easy to set up.

We observed that all you will need to do is put wood and/or other burnable materials to fill up the combustion chamber. This combustion chambers goes on top of the air inlet ring. After that, the ash box will go in the chamber and the stove hob on the very top in the end. While these are technical terms, the reality is that the stove is incredibly simple to use and easy for any first-time camper to figure out.

Even better, it has high thermal efficiency, allowing the cooking time to be short. Besides, this well-ventilated stove comes with ignition slot to further simplify the cooking process.


Durable, Stable and Strong

The stove is designed in a way to make sure it does not tip over at the slightest of touch. Said plainly: it’s stable and strong. It can even handle strong wind and won’t tip over and start a fire.

The pot support base has 3 arms, making the cooking surface stable. This even allows equal heat distribution. The 3 arms also ensure that different types and sizes of cooking utensils can be placed easily on it. Stainless steel is used to manufacture the stove. So, it is only not strong and durable, but also dent-resistant, scratch-resistant, rust-resistant and impact-resistant.


What we don’t like

In order to provide an honest Canway camping stove review, we researched well and tested extensively to figure out the drawbacks of this product. One major drawback is that the bottom of the stove is open which means the formed ashes will drop on the surface below. While we personally haven’t had problems with this, more than one camper, unfortunately, put the cooking stove on something they cared about only to find ash on it!

However, it can be avoided by building a fire pit and cleaning up the campsite/cooking site before leaving.

On the other hand, the small size of this stove, while saving on transport, means it can only contain enough wood to cook food for only 20 minutes. So, this stove is not ideal for any long cooking process. However, igniting this stove is easy, and in many cases 20 minutes is enough time to cook up fishes and meat, boil ramen and pasta and heat up your meals.

Besides these two, there are no major drawbacks. However, these issues are avoidable and is inconsequential compared to all the features and advantages it has to offer.


Who is this Perfect for?

This camping stove is a great product for anyone who loves the outdoors and knows cooking on an open campfire is difficult. So, it is perfect for long/short camping trips, picnics, and other such outdoor activities. The easy portability, compact size, and light weight make it perfect for hikers, backpackers, travelers, survivalists, and more.

As per the manufacturer, the stove can effectively reduce the weight of the backpack and save up space. The stove can be taken apart and packed up in mesh bag. If you are traveling and living out a backpack, then this is perfect for you.

The fact that it is also easy to set-up and use make this camping stove perfect for both kids and adults. As per different Canway camping stove review and testimonials, it was seen that parents have loved using this stove as their kids can interact with them in the cooking process and learn about camping. Thus, it will be perfect for any parents and camp leaders who are looking for a safe and easy-to-use stove to teach kids about the cooking process.

This camping stove is great for different outdoor events like BBQ, pool parties and more. Having this handy stove around to heat up canned foods, prepare sauces and gravies or cook up side dishes is definitely a great idea.

The great thermal efficiency and even cooking heat distribution allow you to cook up great camp food in a matter of minutes. So, if you love to get creative, this will be perfect for you. It is also perfect for someone who is new at cooking at a campsite, as it is more manageable than the traditional ones available.


Our Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you will get a fantastic cooking stove at a very reasonable price tag. The Canway cooking stove’s features and benefits which will make cooking in a campsite an easy, fun and quick task. It is true that there are some drawbacks, however, we also noticed that those issues are either minor or manageable and of course, negligent compared to the many features.

The manufacturer will provide a 24-month protection guarantee which will come into effect from the date of purchase. This also backs up the claim that this camping stove is indeed one of their best!


See you at the campsite!

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