2020 Bushnell Flashlight Review

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Today I will be reviewing the Bushnell Pro 1500 Rechargeable Flashlight. Yes, yes, I know, I hear you laughing already!

If you’ve never been on Explore Camping Life before, the reason you’re hearing regular readers laughing is because I tend to not like flashlights that much. In fact, I actually have made it pretty clear that I think camping lanterns are better than flashlights for most campers.

In short, lanterns cast a wider shadow of light and, if hung or placed in the middle of a campsite, can illuminate the entire area with minimal impact.

However, that’s not to say I don’t think there is a purpose or place for a good flashlight. It recently died, but I drove an F-150 and I kept a flashlight in the glove box. I also typically bring one camping too.

The reason why is a flashlight is, admittedly, better than lantern if you are trying to illuminate something in particular. In the car, it’s great for illuminating a tire for a flat tire situation at night. While camping, it’s great to have for walking around at night or trying to accomplish a particular task (which reminds me of the Loose Canoe Night I had a few years ago!).

So, without further ado, here is my thoughts on the Bushnell flashlight. I decided to write about this flashlight in particular because it’s one of my favorites and it’s very popular amongst campers.


What I like about it

Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Technology

One of the things that made Bushnell Pro so unique is the fact that it utilizes the Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Technology which makes the process of recharging the flashlight to be possible. This technology also helps the user to be able to use the flashlight for a longer duration.

Apart from that, it is proven to be indeed very helpful to a lot of people as people would usually need to regularly purchase a certain amount of batteries after using it for a short duration for their regular flashlight however the Bushnell Pro is an exception thanks to this technology. The Bushnell Pro grants you the freedom to prevent yourself from wasting your money by buying a lot of batteries as this technology will help you to extend the life of the batteries by using the batteries efficiently.


USB Port for Charging Other Devices

There is also a USB port that you can use to connect the flashlight to other electronic devices such as your smartphone so that you would be able to charge it. This also means that you have an additional power bank that you could use just in case you have no other options left.


Rotating Flashlight Collar

The rotating flashlight collar that is installed on the flashlight helps to keep any kind of dust particles that have the potential to cause damage to the sensitivity of the USB port from entering the port. This is helpful as it helps to protect your flashlight from any type of damage that would result in the malfunctions of the flashlight.


Three Main Flashlight Mode

The Bushnell Pro also has three main light modes that you can switch to fit your lighting needs and they are high, low and strobe. The high light mode means that the flashlight would produce light with high intensity and vice versa while the strobe mode allows its user to have a flickering light which you can use to give signs to other people during times of emergency.


Easy-to-Grip Flashlight Casing

The external part of the flashlight plays an important role in determining whether the user can get a good grip on the flashlight or otherwise. The Bushnell Pro does have a rough exterior casing which allows its user to get a clean nice grip that will lower the chance of its user from losing grip on the flashlight.


Proven though popularity

A friend of mine shared that the Bushnell Pro is one of the brightest flashlights that they ever had in their life while another also mentioned that he has been using this flashlight for 2 years and up to this day it’s still working perfectly.

It’s extremely popular at every campsite that you visit, which shows you how much people like it and use it.


What I don’t like about it


The Flashlight Does not Have Lightweight Design

Weight, weight, weight. Regular readers also know that I ALWAYS talk about weight. We need to keep our overall weight down as low as possible while camping because it’s the fastest way to hate your life while camping. Carrying a heavy backpack can absolutely ruin your camping weekend.

The flashlight seems to be pretty heavy as it does not have a lightweight design which would help to reduce the weight of the flashlight and ultimately makes it easier for the user to carry it around.

Even though the flashlight does have an excellent casing which helps to increase one’s grip on the flashlight, the Bushnell Pro is also quite heavy for a normal person to carry and in some survival cases, one may choose to abandon the flashlight to increase mobility so for some it may not be the perfect flashlight that they want. If there is room for improvement for this flashlight then it is the design of the flashlight itself.


Who is this Perfect For?

The Bushnell Pro is perfect for those who want a flashlight that can give them a very intense bright light when they need it and dim light when they want it but at the same time can provide a signal that could help them interact with their friends or camping partners. This flashlight is highly recommended for everyday normal people who need a flashlight to help them catch an intruder in their house as well as for people who are always out for some outdoor camping activities.

This flashlight is also suitable for security guards that need to make some surveillance in an office building as it may be able to provide a bright light that could help the guards to spot any unusual activities which might be happening inside the building.

College students are also recommended to have this flashlight as the flashlight would be able to help them to have some vision during a power outage as well as during any outdoor activities that they might have. People may not realize the importance of having a high-quality flashlight such as the Bushnell Pro until the time where they face a real critical emergency so it’s better to have one as a backup rather than to have none at all. Students nowadays should always have a flashlight like the Bushnell Pro because it’s very handy to have one so that just in case they forgot to charge their smartphones, they could always charge it by connecting it with this flashlight anytime they want.


My Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the Bushnell Pro 1500 Lumens Rechargeable Flashlight is indeed a smart choice for those who need a flashlight that could provide bright light for a long time and a dim light when they want it. For instance, one may want to have a light but at the same time don’t want to be noticed by others then he or she could use the dim light mode of the flashlight. I would highly recommend this flashlight to college students who are actively engaging in outdoor activities such as survival camping.

Apart from that, the flashlight also has good quality lighting which can be used for a long time. The overall performance of the flashlight has proved that the Bushnell Pro does have the capability to provide high-quality lighting for a long time without the need for a high amount of battery. Lastly, I would highly recommend this flashlight as it is reliable, durable, and also provides a bright light that could shine even the darkest of the night like a sun for its user.

See you at the camp site!

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